Dallas Cowboys football cards



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The Dallas Cowboys Football Card Gallery
Stickers & Decals
1960 - 1979

This section of the Gallery has been constructed a bit differently than the others. I've grouped stickers together by type, then year. Even with grouping them in this manner, there are some that qualify to be in more than one category. There are many sticker issues that are difficult to put a date of issue on, and there are also a few that were produced over a number of years.

The last group of stickers in this section labled "Inserts" includes three sets from the non-Standard & Inserts section of the Gallery.

It is in large part due to the nature of stickers, and the intent for their use to be destructive, that you will find some of the toughest Cowboys items to add to your collections.

Click on the image to view stickers in that group.

Fleer Cloth & Gloss Food Issues
Cowboy Joe     Helmet Stickers
NFL & NFLPA Foil Stickers Players Inserts

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