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The Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor
Inducted October 12, 2003
Tex Schramm

Tex Schramm, GM of the Dallas Cowboys, was best known for transforming the Dallas Cowboys from an expansion team in 1960 to America's Team by the late 1970's. Tex was the mastermind behind it all. He came to the Cowboys from the Los Angeles Rams in 1959 to help launch an expasion team in Dallas. What Schramm helped do was not just launch a team, but a dynasty, along with pushing the NFL to the prominance in Pro Sports they now enjoy. Schramm is credited for many of the things we now take for granted in football, the playoff system, the AFL-NFL merger, instant replay, narrow hashmarks, cheerleaders, scouting departments, and much more. When Tex Schramm joined the Cowboys in 1959, the Cowboys were still trying to field a team and the NFL was still trying to discover a market all the while keeping the AFL from biting at their heels. When Schramm retired in 1988, the Cowboys were the most recognized professional sports team in the world and the NFL was the most popular sport in America. Most NFL executivess give Schramm a lot of the credit for getting the NFL and the Cowboys were they are today...at the TOP! Tex Schramm was the first football executive to be elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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