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The "Must-Have" non-Cowboys Cards Checklist
This was a lot of fun to put together. I don't think I can call it complete because I did not have access to all the cards in every vintage set to examine. Please feel free to contact me if you have something to add to the list, or just have a question about anything on the list.

Card Back Questions and Photos
Card # Team 1960 Topps Team Card CL's for Series 1
21 Chicago Bears Series 1 Checklist
31 Cleveland Browns Series 1 Checklist
50 Detroit Lions Series 1 Checklist
71 Los Angeles Rams Series 1 Checklist
82 NY Giants Series 1 Checklist
92 Philadelphia Eagles Series 1 Checklist
Other Checklists
67 1961 Topps Cowboys players listed
122 1961 Topps Cowboys Cloth Emblem listed (Topps Flocked)
76 1962 Topps Cowboys players listed
85 1963 Topps Cowboys players listed
197 1964 Philadelphia Cowboys players listed
197 1965 Philadelphia Cowboys players listed
197 1966 Philadelphia Cowboys players listed
197 1967 Philadelphia Cowboys players listed
1962 Topps (Questions & Answers)
112 Dick James Q: Which Dallas player now practices law during the off-season?
    A: Eddie LeBaron
165 Jimmy Patton Q: What was the shortest completed TD pass?
    A: A 2-inch pass by Eddie LeBaron
    1964 Philadelphia
154 Steelers Play Card vs. Cowboys
    1965 Philadelphia
140 Eagles Play Card vs. Cowboys
    1965 Philadelphia (Rub-off Photos)
2 Raymond Berry Jim Ridlon
8 Lenny Moore Pettis Norman
15 Bears Team Tom Landry
30 Walter Beach Tommy McDonald
60 Gail Cogdill Frank Clarke
64 Dick LeBeau Don Perkins
87 Roman Gabriel Tony Liscio
94 Merlin Olsen Mike Connelly
106 Paul Flatley Don Meredith
119 Dick Lynch Bob Lilly
152 Myron Pottios Buddy Dial
157 Joe Childress Mel Renfro
172 Bernie Casey Jerry Tubbs
    1966 Philadelphia (Guess Who Quiz)
21 Lenny Moore Ralph Neely -answer on card #96
22 Jimmy Orr Pettis Norman -answer on card #150
30 Ronnie Bull Jerry Tubbs -answer on card #3
42 Gary Collins Warren Livingston -answer on card #98
92 Rams Team Card Joe Bob Isbell -answer on card #161
95 Bruce Gossett Tom Landry -answer on card #114
98 Martin McKeever Jerry Rhome -answer on card #154
113 Gordon Smith Don Bishop -answer on card #141
118 Giants Team Card Obert Logan -answer on card #181
144 Steelers Team Card Lee Roy Jordan -answer on card #125
188 Vince Promuto Buddy Dial -answer on card #22
189 Pat Richter Craig Morton -answer on card #173
1973 Topps (Qestions & Answers)
280 Joe Green Q: How many Super Bowls has Herb Adderley been in?
    A: Four (two with the Cowboys)
487 Ken Stabler Q: Which year saw the most interceptions in a Super Bowl?
    A: 1971 with 6 (Super Bowl V)
1976 Topps (Qestions & Answers)
96 Ken Geddes Q: When did the Dallas Cowboys score their first NFL victory?
    A: Sept. 17, 1961 vs. Steelers, 27-24
121 Rich Glover Q: What position did Don Meredith play for the Cowboys?
    A: Quarterback
127 John DeMarie Q: Who was the first Dallas Cowboy to score 100 points in a season?
    A: Danny Villanueva 107 pts in 1966
129 Jim Kearney Q: Whose nickname was 'The Purple Cloud'?
    A: Bob Lilly
185 Chester Marcol Q: Who was the MVP of Super Bowl V
    A: Chuck Howley, Dallas Cowboys
243 Larry Ely Q: Who was the first Dallas Cowboy selected to play in the Pro-Bowl?
    A: WR Jim Doran, 1961
289 Roy Jefferson Q: Who is the only coach in Dallas Cowboys history?
    A: Tom Landry
303 Dick Himes Q: Who was the first Dallas Cowboy selected to play in the Pro-Bowl?
    A: WR Jim Doran, 1961
305 John Riggins Q: Where was the Dallas Cowboys first training site?
    A: Forest Grove, Oregon 1960
424 Robert Brazile RC Q: Where was the Dallas Cowboys first training site?
    A: Forest Grove, Oregon 1960
482 Ken Mendenhall Q: Did Cornell Green have a brother who played Major League Baseball?
A: Yes, Redsox and Mets Infielder Pumpsie Green
Card Front Photos
Card # Player 1962 Topps
    Cowboys players spotted in the small blank-and-white photo
16 Rich Casares Bob Fry -Cowboys Defense
173 Jim Kerr L.G. DuPree
    1972 Topps Pro Action
251 Johnny Unitas IA -Cowboys Defense
340 Len Dawson IA -Cowboys Defense
345 Doug Cunningham IA -Cowboys Defense -Stincic, Howley, Renfro
    1973 Topps
200 Claude Humphrey Roger Staubach
    1978 Topps
199 Neil Clabo Charlie Waters
    1976 Fleer Team Action
39 Atlanta Falcons Breakthrough -Robert Newhouse & Cowboys Offense
    1977 Fleer Team Action
29 Atlanta Falcons Ad-Libbing on Defense -Cowboys Defense
42 Minnesota Vikings Lending a Hand -Preston Pearson & Cowboys Offense
48 Philadelphia Eagles Swooping Defense -Cowboys Offense
    1978 Fleer Team Action
2 Atlanta Falcons In Pursuit -Robert Newhouse
55 Wash Redskins Renegade Runners -Cowboys Defense
    1981 Fleer Team Action
42 Philadelphia Eagles Birds of Prey -Robert Newhouse
    1982 Fleer Team Action
83 NFL Men In Motion -Cowboys Offense
36 Negative Yardage -Tony Dorsett
74 Pro Bowl 1982 AFC-NFC Pro Bowl Action -Randy Wite
    1983 Fleer Team Action
36 New Orleans Saints Closing In -Tony Dorsett
    1986 Fleer Team Action
83 Redskins On Defense Pouncing the Passer -Danny White
    Players In Cowboys Uniform
127 Sam Baker 1964 Philadelphia -Eagles
76 Ed Hussmann 1964 Topps -Oilers
UN Sam Baker 1964 Wheaties Stamp -Eagles
4 Perry Lee Dunn 1966 Philadelphia -Falcons
71 Amos Marsh 1966 Philadelphia -Lions
103 James Stiger 1966 Philadelphia -Rams
68 Amos Marsh 1967 Philadelphia -Lions
126 Obert Logan 1967 Philadelphia -Saints
32 Sam Baker 1968 Topps -Eagles
UN Duane Thomas 1972 NFLPA Iron-Ons -Chargers
1 Craig Morton 1976 Wonder Bread -Giants
55 Craig Morton 1975 Topps (airbrush) -Giants
169 Marv Bateman 1975 Topps (airbrush) -Bills
85 John Niland 1976 Topps (airbrush) -Eagles

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