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RetroCards got its start by creating custom football cards for former players who never had cards during their playing career. In the 50's and 60's, football card sets were rather small and many excellent players never graced the front of a bubblegum card.  RetroCards has corrected this by custom designing hundreds of cards of players from the past.  Now you can add new "old" cards to your collection in all the classic designs you grew up with.

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1970T Perry Williams 1962T Ed Brown 1958T Chuck Howley -Bears 1980T Tony Pena
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Quarterback's from all sets are available as singles!

~ Cowboys Sets ~
Click on a card image or set name to view the enitre set.
1960T Eddie LeBaron 1966P Walt Garrison 1978T Glenn Carano 1965T Don Meredith 1982T Ron Fellows
1960T 1966P 1978T 1965T 1982T
1976T-NHL Tom Landry 1968T Ron East 1964T Pettis Norman 1973T Otto Stowe 1962T Mike Gaechter
1976T-NHL 1968T 1964T 1973T 1962T
1984T Dextor Clinkscale 1967P John Wilbur 1972T Lee Roy Jordan 1961T Bob Lilly RC 1970T Reggie Rucker
1984T 1967P 1972T 1961T 1970T
1979T Glenn Carano 1963T Frank Clarke 1984T-MLB Tony Dorsett 1975T- Ed Jones 1965P Pete Gent
1979T 1963T 1984T-MLB 1975T 1965P
1983T Michael Downs 1969T Jethro Pugh 1961F Gene Babb 1977T Tony Dorsett 1980T Roger Staubach
1983T 1969T 1961F 1977T 1980T
1960T John Gonzaga 1974T Drew Pearson 1986T Herschel Walker 1974T Craig Morton 1974T George Andrie
1960T-2 1974T 1986T 1974T-MLB 1974T-MLB 2
1985T Duriel Harris 1971T Claxton Welch 1979T-NHL Billy Joe DuPree 1960 Ray Fisher 1976T Doug Dennison
1985T 1971T 1979T-NHL Bazooka 1976T
1966T Mel Renfro 1962F Leo Stanford 1974T-NBA Bruce Walton 1981T Steve Wilson 1972T Roger Staubach AP
1966T 1962F 1974T-NBA 1981T 1972T
Cowboys Tunnel 1978T-NBA Golden Richards 1967T Buddy Dial 1987T Robert Lavette 1980T-MLB Tom Landry
1967 Ice Bowl 1978T-NBA 1967T 1987T 1980T MLB
1964P Chuck Howley 1971T-NHL Dave Manders 1968P Mike Gaechter    
1964P 1971T NHL 1968P    
~ More Team Sets ~
Click on a card image or set name to view the enitre set.
1979T Lynn Swann 1983T Nick Giaquinto 1966P Final Series
1979T Steelers 1983T Redskins 1966P Final Series
1973T Jim Del Gaizo 1967T Eugene Upshaw 1958T Johnny Sample 1961F Duane Wood
1973T Dolphins 1967T Raiders 1958T Colts 1961F Texans
1958T Pat Summerall 1966T Jim Brown 1973T Herb Mul-Key 1971T Marlin Briscoe
1958T Giants 1966T All Stars 1973T Redskins 1971T All Stars
1958T Alex Karras 1963T NFL Team Sets 1960T Dick Nolan
1958T Lions 1963T NFL Team Sets 1960T Giants
1973T James Harris 1973T Dan Fouts 1975T Marv Fleming 1974T Ernie Holmes
1973T QB's Ser1 1973T QB's Ser2 1975T Dolphins 1974T Steelers
1970T Jack Hacksaw Reynolds 1962T Art Donovan 1969T Alan Page 1962T John Havlicek
1970T Rams 1962T Colts 1969T Vikings 1962T Browns
1964P Scott Appleton 1965P Dick Butkus 1965P Roy Jefferson 1965P Tom Flores
1964P Oilers 1965P NFL Ser1 1965P NFL Ser2 1965P AFL Ser3
1965P Leslie Duncan 1965P Tom Addison 1980T-MLB Terry Bradshaw 1962T Paul Dickson
1965P AFL Ser4 1965P AFL/NFL Ser5 1980T-MLB Steelers 1962T Vikings
1962T Pat Summerall 1962T Chuck Bednarik 1962T Dick LeBeau 1962T Kyle Rote
1962T NFL Ser1 1962T NFL Ser2 1962T NFL Ser3 1962T NFL Ser4
1967T Al Reynolds 1961F Sonny Jurgensen 1961F Norm Snead 1961F Gino Cappelletti
1967T KC Chiefs 1961F NFL Ser1 1961F NFL Ser2 1961F AFL Ser3
1969T Emerson Boozer 1977T Ted Hendricks 1961F Dick Moegle 1961F Tom Louderback
1969T NY Jets 1977T Raiders 1961F NFL Ser4 1961F AFL Ser5
1968T Jimmy Orr      
1968T Colts      
~ Player Sets ~
1977T Joe Namath 1974T Lynn Swann 1978T Earl Campbell 1978T Vince Papale
Joe Namath Ser1 Lynn Swann Earl Campbell Vince Papale
1965P Joe Namath 1978T Anthony Davis - Tampa Bay Buccs 1970T Jerry Rhome 1972T Ken Riley
Joe Namath Ser2 Anthony Davis Jerry Rhome Ken Riley
~ Other Sports & Non-Sports Sets ~
1976T Julius Erving 1977T Charlies Angels 1968F Wayne Embry The Night Stalker
1976T Knicks 1977T Charlies Angels 1968F Bucks Kolchak
1982-83T Bob Lanier 1982-83T Larry Bird Richard Dawson 1971-72T Willie Long
1982-83T Bucks 1982-83T Celtics 1975 Match Game 1971-72T Floridians
1978T Getty Lee 1980T Mike Eruzione 1969T Maurice Lucas 1977 Marquette Earl Tatum
1978T Rush 1980T USA Hockey Marquette -The Marquette -The
    McGuire Years Ser1 McGuire Years Ser2
John Boy - Richard Thomas #190 Alex English #148 Phil Chenier
Kolchak Series II The Waltons 1978-79T Bucks 1978-79T NBA Ser1
#159 John Havlicek #178 Phil Jackson    
1978-79T NBA Ser2 1978-79T NBA Ser3    
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