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1979: The Rockford Files

Was there ever a more universally loved TV personality than James Garner? His work in shows such as Maverick, Nichols, The Rockford Files plus his many films like The Great Escape, The Thrill of it All, and Murphy’s Romance endeared him to audiences over four decades. Even as a pitchman for Polaroid cameras (with Mariette Hartley) in the late 70s–early 80s he was fresh, fun, and dignified.

In “the role he was put on earth to play,” James Garner starred in The Rockford Files, a private investigator who generally outsmarted the bad guys because he had the ability to think like a conman, subsequently out-thinking the bad guys. Unfortunately, he seldom was paid, often got beaten up, and he never was able to enjoy a good meal he cooked because another case would come up. What also made the show so memorable and endearing was the comedy element that often parodied the current rich and/or “swinging” investigators shows prevalent in the 1960 and 1970s.

This set includes 20 cards featuring all the regulars: Angel (Stuart Margolin), Rocky (Noah Beery, Jr.) Dennis Becker (Joe Santos), Beth Davenport (Gretchen Corbett), and several guest stars like Lindsay Wagner, Joan Van Ark, Isaac Hayes, Kathryn Harold, Linda Evans, James Luisi, and Sharon Gless.

Complete 20-card Set
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1979 Rockford Files 1979 Jim Rockford 1979 Angel 1979 Rocky 1979 Dennis
#1 Wrapper Card #2 Jim Rockford #3 Angel #4 Rocky #5 Dennis
1979 Gretchen Corbett 1979 Lieutenants 1979 Trailer 1979 Firebird 1979 Fishing
#6 Gretchen Corbett #7 Lieutenants #8 Trailer #9 Firebird #10 Fishing
1979 Cookie Jar 1979 Rockford Rocky 1979 Beach Hotdog 1979 Lindsay Wagner 1979 Gless
#11 Cookie Jar #12 Rockford Rocky #13 Beach Hotdog #14 Lindsay Wagner #15 Gless
1979 Gandy 1979 Dr. Megan Dougherty 1979 Joan Van Ark 1979 Linda Evans 1979 Angel Hawaiian Shirt
#16 Gandy #17 Dr. Megan #18 Joan Van Ark #19 Linda Evans #20 Angel Hawaiian
  Dougherty     Shirt

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


Firebird (back)

Gless (back)
#9 Firebird (back) #15 Gless (back)



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