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Forgotten players, memorable moments, and rich sports history are all fair game for RetroCards, the custom card maker that has refocused the hobby on the players and teams we grew up with.  We are proud to showcase the Green Bay Packers in this section with a focus on the Lombardi era.  More sets will be added over time, so check back to see what's new for the team with the most Championships in NFL history.

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~ Packers Sets ~
Click on a card image or set name to view the enitre set.
1960T Max McGee 1960T Boyd Dowler 1961F Herb Adderley 1962T Vince Lombardi
1960T Packers I 1960T Packers II 1961F Packers 1962T Packers
1963T Paul Hornung 1964P Dave Robinson 1965P Max McGee 1966P Jim Grabowski 1967P Ben Wilson
1963T Packers 1964P Packers 1965P Packers 1966P Packers 1967P Packers
1974T Ted Hendricks 1958T Ron Kramer 1968T Willie Wood Lombardi Braves The Cold
1974T Packers 1958T Packers 1968T Packers 1967 Ice Bowl
1959T Jim Taylor 1969T Jerry Kramer 1962T Ben Davidson 1966T Bart Starr
1959T Packers 1969T Packers 1962T Packers Ser2 1966T Packers
1970T Perry Williams      
1970T Packers      


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