RetroCards has several custom designs for the baseball collecting connoisseur:  teams sets, individual cards focusing on obscure players, cards that never existed but should have, and many hightlights that went unrecognized.  These custom cards fill in the gaps from the classic period of card collecting.

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~ MLB Sets ~
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1957T Braves 1970T Brewers 1962T Houston Colt .45s -Ken Johnson 1963-64T Houston Colt .45s -Hal Brown 1982T Kevin Bass
1957T 1970T 1962T 1963T-64T 1982T
Milwaukee Braves Milwaukee Brewers Houston Colt .45s Houston Colt .45s Milwaukee Brewers
1953T Hank Aaron 1980T Thurman Munson 1970T John Morris 1982T Candy Maldonado 1959T Sporting News Maury Wills
1953T 1980T 1970T Series II 1982T Maury Wills Set
Milwaukee Braves New York Yankees Milwaukee Brewers LA Dodgers LA Dodgers
1980T Tony Pena        
Pittsburgh Pirates        

~ RetroCards MLB Singles ~
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1964T Roger Staubach -Navy 1976T Reggie Jackson -Baltimore Orioles    
1964T 1976T    
Roger Staubach Reggie Jackson    
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We also do personalized cards.  If you have a little-leaguer, or high school player in the family, all we need is a photo of your star player! Contact us for more details and pricing.

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