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1987T Dallas Cowboys

1987 was a trying year for the NFL as a Player Strike interrupted the season, resulting in teams fielding replacement players for three games. The Cowboys, with their superior scouting fielded one of the strongest “Strike Teams” and had the NFL replacement players played all season, the Cowboys may have won the Super Bowl!  Back in reality, the Cowboys posted a 5–9 record in regular “union” games, effectively ushering in the end of the Landry era. 

RetroCards gives focus to this strange season with two 18-card sets.  The first contains players that did not have a card in 1987: Gordon Banks, Vince Albritton, Nate Newton, Garth Jax, Reggie Collier, Gene Lockhart, Ray Alexander, Doug Cosbie, Everson Walls, Johnny Holloway, Roger Ruzek, Ron Francis, Danny Noonan, Mark Tuinei, Ron Burton, Everson Walls, and Todd Fowler.  There is also a team card and a yellow bordered “box bottom” card of Herschel Walker.

Series II focuses on the replacement players and players who crossed the picket line who did not have a regular card in 1987. First the replacement players: Kevin Sweeney, Kelvin Edwards, Tommy Haynes, Cornell Burbage, Mike Dwyer, and Robert Williams.  Players who crossed: Randy White, Ed “Too Tall” Jones, Mike Renfro, Johnny “Lam” Jones, Robert Lavette, Paul McDonald, Kevin Brooks, Kelvin Martin, and Karl Powe.  A Cowboys management card featuring Schramm and Landry gets a special place in series two along with a Strike Team card, and a yellow bordered “box-bottom” card featuring Tony Dorsett.

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Complete 18-card Set
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Series I
1987T Cowboys Team 1987T Gordon Banks 1987T Vince Albritton 1987T Nate Newton 1987T Garth Jax
#1 Cowboys Team #2 Gordon Banks #3 Vince Albritton #4 Nate Newton #5 Garth Jax
1987T Reggie Collier 1987T Eugene Lockhart 1987T Ray Alexander 1987T Doug Cosbie 1987T Johnny Holloway
#6 Reggie Collier #7 Eugene Lockhart #8 Ray Alexander #9 Doug Cosbie #10 Johnny Holloway
1987T Roger Ruzek 1987T Ron Francis 1987T Danny Noonan 1987T Mark Tuinei 1987T Ron Burton
#11 Roger Ruzek #12 Ron Francis #13 Danny Noonan #14 Mark Tuinei #15 Ron Burton
  1987T Everson Walls 1987T Todd Fowler 1987T Herschel Walker  
  #16 Everson Walls #17 Todd Fowler #18 Herschel Walker  
      Box Bottom  


Complete 18-card Set
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Series II
1987T Cowboys Strike Team 1987T Kevin Sweeney 1987T Kelvin Edwards 1987T Mike Dwyer 1987T Cornell Burbage
#19 Cowboys Strike #20 Kevin Sweeney #21 Kelvin Edwards #22 Mike Dwyer #23 Cornell Burbage
1987T Tommy Haynes 1987T Johnny 'Lam' Jones 1987T Robert Williams 1987T Kevin Brooks 1987T Mike Renfro
#24 Tommy Haynes #25 Johnny 'Lam' #26 Robert Williams #27 Kevin Brooks #28 Mike Renfro
1987T Ed "Too Tall" Jones 1987T Randy White 1987T Kelvin Martin 1987T Paul McDonald 1987T Karl Powe
#29 Ed Jones #30 Randy White #31 Kelvin Martin #32 Paul McDonald #33 Karl Powe
  1987T Robert Lavette 1987T Management (Clint Murchison Jr., Gil Brandt, Tex Schramm, Tom Landry) 1987T Tony Dorsett  
  #34 Robert Lavette #35 Management #36 Tony Dorsett  
      Box Bottom  

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.

1987T Ray Alexander (back) 1987T Mike Dwyer (back)
#8 Ray Alexander (back) #22 Mike Dwyer (back)


Series I & Series II - 36 Total Cards
International Buyers are welcome, but need to contact me first with your complete shipping address so I can prepare an invoice.

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