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Dallas Cowboys Custom Vintage Cards


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1986T Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys teased their fans with another Division title in 1985, their last of the Landry era.  Back-to-back blowouts by the Bears and Bengals exposed their weaknesses and their playoff loss to the Rams (28-0) was the first playoff shutout in team history.  Despite that, they had an explosive offense and a defense that recorded 62 sacks.

The 1986 RetroCards Cowboys set is loaded with young players like Thornton Chandler, Crawford Ker, Mike Saxon, Todd Fowler, and Glen Titensor.  USFL vets like Gordon Banks and superstar Herschel Walker are also featured along with veterans John Dutton, Gary Hogeboom, Mike Downs, and Dextor Clinkscale.  Plus you get an Everson Walls Record Breaker and a very special Heisman Heaven card featuring Walker and Tony Dorsett.

Complete 18-card Set
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1986T Herschel Walker 1986T Michael Downs 1986T Gordon Banks 1986T Tom Rafferty 1986T Eugene Lockhart
#1 Herschel Walker #2 Michael Downs #3 Gordon Banks #4 Tom Rafferty #5 Eugene Lockhart
1986T Mike Saxon 1986T Ron Fellows 1986T Steve Pelluer 1986T Crawford Ker 1986T John Dutton
#6 Mike Saxon #7 Ron Fellows #8 Steve Pelluer #9 Crawford Ker #10 John Dutton
1986T Darryl Clack 1986T Gary Hogeboom 1986T Dextor Clinkscale 1986T Todd Fowler 1986T Glen Titensor
#11 Darryl Clack #12 Gary Hogeboom #13 Dextor Clinkscale #14 Todd Fowler #15 Glen Titensor
1986T Thornton Chandler 1986T Heisman Heaven - H.Walker & T. Dorsett 1986T 1985 Record Breaker - Everson Walls
#16 Thornton Chandler #17 Heisman Heaven #18 1985 Record Breaker

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1986T Herschel Walker (back)

1986T Everson Walls Record Breaker (back)
#1 Herschel Walker (back) #18 Everson Walls Record Breaker (back)



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