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1982-83T Milwaukee Bucks

Basketball cards admittedly never had a golden era.  Though cards were produced annually between 1969 and 1982, Topps surprisingly stopped making them in 1982.  Whether it was due to poor sales, lack of interest, or both, their timing in hindsight couldn't have been worse.  This was the beginning of the Larry Bird-Magic Johnson era and two years before Jordan showed up to change the game, probably forever.  The void left by Topps was quickly filled by the Star Company, who instead of producing cards in wax packs with gum, sold expansive team sets in the basketball arenas and hobby stores.  The first Star Company set was an All-star set of 32 cards that came out in 1983.  Fans had to wait until 1984 for full team sets.  This left the 1982-83 season without any basketball cards at all.

RetroCards fills that small gap with a 20-card Milwaukee Bucks card set based on the 1982 baseball design.  Known as a golden age for the 76ers, Celtics, and Lakers, the Don Nelson-era Milwaukee Bucks were in the middle of winning seven consecutive division titles (1979-1986) when they averaged 54 wins per season.  A great team that wasn’t strong enough to overcome the Celtics and 76ers during that time, the Bucks get special recognition with this attractive set.

Players include Marques Johnson, Sidney Moncrief, Bob Lanier, Junior Bridgeman, Quinn Buckner, Mickey Johnson, Brian Winters, Harvey Catchings, Pat Cummings, Bob Dandridge, Alton Lister, Scott May, and a future stars card featuring Mike Evans, Paul Pressey, and Fred Roberts.

Other cards include head coach Don Nelson, In Action cards for Sidney Moncrief and Marques Johnson, Highlight cards for the Bucks vs 76ers Divisional Playoff series and the highest scoring game ever (Bucks vs. Spurs), a team card, and a logo card/checklist.


Complete 20-card Set
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1982-83T Junior Bridgeman 1982-83T Quinn Buckner 1982-83T Harvey Catchings 1982-83T Pat Cummings 1982-83T Bob Dandridge
#1 Junior Bridgeman #2 Quinn Buckner

#3 Harvey Catchings

#4 Pat Cummings #5 Bob Dandridge
1982-83T Marques Johnson 1982-83T Mickey Johnson 1982-83T Bob Lanier 1982-83T Alton Lister 1982-83T Scott May
#6 Marques Johnson #7 Mickey Johnson #8 Bob Lanier #9 Alton Lister #10 Scott May
1982-83T Sidney Moncrief 1982-83T Brian Winters 1982-83T Don Nelson 1982-83T Future Stars (Mike Evans, Paul Pressey, Fred Roberts) 1982-83T Marques Johnson In Action
#11 Sidney Moncrief #12 Brian Winters #13 Don Nelson #14 Future Stars #15 Marques
        Johnson IA
1982-83T Sidney Moncrief In Action 1982-83T HL 76ers vs. Bucks 1982-83T HL Highest Scoring Game 1982-83T Bucks Team 1982-83T Milwaukee Bucks Checklist
#16 Sidney Moncrief #17 '82 Highlights #18 '82 Highlights #19 Bucks Team #20 Bucks CL
IA Conf. Semi-Finals High. Scoring Game    

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1982-83T Quinn Buckner (back)

1982-83T Sidney Moncrief In Action (back)
#2 Quinn Buckner (back) #16 Sidney Moncrief In Action (back)



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