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Dallas Cowboys Custom Vintage Cards


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1980T Dallas Cowboys

The 1980 set marked the end of an era: it featured the last look at the 70's with a 528-card set that had a simple yet gaudy look.  It was the first set to feature all “sideline” or “game action” shots in favor of the traditional posed photography.  I was always disappointed that Roger Staubach didn’t get a regular card in this set (he does appear on passing leaders card however) after having a great year.  If retirements were announced early enough, Topps often times would not include that player the following year, much to the chagrin of collectors.

This Cowboys set features a new Staubach standard card plus two Highlight cards for him.  Other 1979 retirees that make it into this set include All-Pro Cliff Harris, Ed “Too Tall” Jones,  Rayfield Wright, and Thomas Henderson.  Newcomers Alois Blackwell, Robert Shaw, and Robert Steele also make it onto a RetroCard.

Complete 18-card Set
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1980T Roger Staubach 1980T Thomas Henderson 1980T Ed Jones 1980T Cliff Harris 1980T Scott Laidlaw
#1 Roger Staubach #2 T.Henderson #3 Ed Jones #4 Cliff Harris #5 Scott Laidlaw
1980T Dave Stalls 1980T Larry Cole 1980T Robert Shaw 1980T Ron Springs 1980T Larry Brinson
#6 Dave Stalls #7 Larry Cole #8 Robert Shaw #9 Ron Springs #10 Larry Brinson
1980T Mike Hegman 1980T Rayfield Wright 1980T Alois Blackwell 1980T Robert Steele 1980T Tom Landry
#11 Mike Hegman #12 Rayfield Wright #13 Alois Blackwell #14 Robert Steele #15 Tom Landry
1980T Record Breaker (Tony Hill & Drew Pearson) 1980T 1979 Highlight 1980T Roger Staubach Retires
#16 Record Breaker #17 1979 Highlight #18 Staubach
Hill & Pearson   Retires

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1980T Thomas Henderson (back)

1980T 1979 Record Breaker Hill & Pearson (back)
#2 Thomas Henderson (back) #16 1979 Record Breaker Hill & Pearson (back)



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