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1974T Green Bay Packers

The Packers were coming off a rough season in 1973 (5-7-2) where they dropped to 3rd place in the Central Division.  The 1972 season showcased their dominate running game behind the power of John Brockington and MacArthur Lane (1,848 total yards).  With running totals like that, the quarterback position was secondary in which starter Jerry Tagge threw for a league low 720 yards.  By 1973 the league figured out that focusing on the run forced the Packers to pass.  This simple defensive scheme saw Brockington's and Lane’s rushing totals plummet and exposed the dreadful play at the Packers quarterback position which had sunk to Bear-level lows.  The quarterback rating for the 3 rotating Packer starters was a cumulative 46.9 and neither Scott Hunter, Jerry Tagge, nor Jim Del Gaizo could move the ball through the air.
Despite all this, Packer fans were optimistic as the team fielded 5 All-Pros (Willie Buchanon, Chester Marcol, Ted Hendricks, Gale Gillingham, John Brockington and although the All-Pro tags didn’t translate to wins, it gave hope for the future.

RetroCards takes the bad (the Devine era) with the good (the Lombardi era) with this provocative 18-card set featuring players and events of 1974 Packers.  Cards include: Dan Devine, Ted Hendricks, Don Woods, Tom Toner, Bill Hayhoe, Paul Staroba, Pete Van Valkenburg, John Hadl, Larry Hefner, Dick Himes, Al Matthews, Ron McBride, Lee Nystrom, Barry Smith, Bob Wicks, Keith Wortman, and QB Shuffle featuring Jim Del Gaizo, John Hadl, and Archie Manning.  One highlight of this set is a tribute card to Packers Training Camp: Kids Bike Tradition in which kids offered their bikes to players to ride after practice, a tradition going back to the 1950s.

Complete 18-card Set
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1974T Packers Training Camp 1974T Don Woods 1974T Ted Hendricks 1974T Paul Staroba 1974T Jim Hill
#1 Packers

#2 Don Woods

#3 Ted Hendricks #4 Paul Staroba #5 Jim Hill
Training Camp        
1974T Keith Wortman 1974T John Hadl 1974T Lee Nystrom 1974T Al Matthews 1974T Barry Smith
#6 Keith Wortman #7 John Hadl #8 Lee Nystrom #9 Al Matthews #10 Barry Smith
1974T Larry Hefner 1974T Bob Wicks 1974T Bill Hayhoe 1974T Ron McBride 1974T Pete Van Valkenburg
#11 Larry Hefner #12 Bob Wicks

#13 Bill Hayhoe

#14 Ron McBride #15 Pete Van
1974T Dick Himes 1974T Dan Devine 1974T Packers QB Shuffle
#16 Dick Himes #17 Dan Devine #18 Packers QB

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1974T Ted Hendricks (back)

1974T Packers QB Shuffle (back)
#3 Ted Hendricks (back) #18 Packers QB Shuffle (back)



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