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1973T NFL Quarterbacks
- Series One -

1973 was a big year for the football card hobby, as the standard set numbered 528 cards, the largest football card set to date.  Here at RetroCards, we are going overboard yet again, expanding the 1973 set with our new “Quarterbacks” collection.  For the NFL QB collector, or the collector who remembers buying the cards out of packs as a kid, this set offers a diverse assortment.  Starting signal callers, omitted from the original set include Roman Gabriel, Daryle Lamonica, Mike Livingston and Bill Nelsen.  Rookies, who rarely made it into sets back in the day are also included here, such as Bert Jones, Joe Gilliam, James Harris and Gary Huff.  

Then again, some collectors may find the highlight of this set to be the “benchwarmers.”

Remember that third stringer who did nothing but hold the clipboard for your favorite team?  As always, we reach into the deep wells of obscurity to give our due to these patient men. We bring light to Tim Van Galder, Pete Beathard, Jim Del Gaizo, John Huarte, Joe Reed and many others. Series II of this set will include another crop of signal callers.
- Series Two -
Complete 20-card Set
International Buyers are welcome, but need to contact me first with your complete shipping address so I can prepare an invoice.

Personal checks & money orders also accepted. Please contact me for details.
1973T Lynn Dickey 1973T Sonny Sixkiller 1973T Joe Gilliam 1973T Jim Del Gaizo 1973T Joe Reed
#1 Lynn Dickey #2 Sonny Sixkiller #3 Joe Gilliam #4 Jim Del Gaizo #5 Joe Reed
Houston Oilers Los Angeles Rams Pittsburgh Steelers Miami Dolphins San Francisco 49ers
1973T Tim Van Galder 1973T Daryle Lamonica 1973T Roman Gabriel 1973T Edd Hargett 1973T Mike Livingston
#6 Tim Van Galder #7 Daryle Lamonica #8 Roman Gabriel #9 Edd Hargett #10 Mike Livingston
St. Louis Cardinals Oakland Raiders Los Angeles Rams Houston Oilers Kansas City Chiefs
1973T Terry Hanratty 1973T Pete Beathard 1973T Gary Huff 1973T Don Horn 1973T Bert Jones
#11 Terry Hanratty #12 Pete Beathard #13 Gary Huff #14 Don Horn #15 Bert Jones
Pittsburgh Steelers Kansas City Chiefs Chicago Bears Cleveland Browns Baltimore Colts
1973T James Harris 1973T Bill Nelson 1973T Greg Cook 1973T John Huarte 1973T Series 1 Checklist
#16 James Harris #17 Bill Nelson #18 Greg Cook #19 John Huarte #20 Checklist
Los Angeles Rams Cleveland Browns Cincinnatti Bengals Chicago Bears Series One

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.

1973T Lynn Dickey (back) 1973T Gary Huff (back)
#1 Lynn Dickey (back) #13 Gary Huff (back)



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