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Dallas Cowboys Custom Vintage Cards


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1971T Dallas Cowboys

1971 is the year the Cowboys finally made it to the Super Bowl, following a 10-4 season in 1970.  It seems strange now to think that the Cowboys were the NFL's most prolific losers, having lost the Championships in 1966 and 1967 to the Green Bay Packers, losing the Conference Playoff game against the Cleveland Browns in 1968 and 1969 and finally, losing Super Bowl V in 1970 to the Baltimore Colts, a game they had no business losing.  The 1971 cards reflect the 1970 season that led to that horrible last game called the Blunder Bowl, played on January 17, 1971.

After that loss, the franchise decided that there was no way in hell they were going to lose the following year so they continued stacking their roster with new talent and future Hall Of Fame veterans.  This RetroCards 18-card set features quite a few familiar names from that 1970 season and some new additions for the 1971 season - the ones that would help put them over the top.

Young players like Margene Adkins, Richmond Flowers, Ike Thomas, Gloster Richardson, Roger Staubach, Claxton Welch, and Rayfield Wright are joined by vets Herb Adderley, Lance Alworth, George Andrie, Mike Ditka, Dave Edwards, Cornell Green, Forrest Gregg, Pettis Norman, Jethro Pugh, Lance Rentzel, and Don Talbert.

Complete 18-card Set
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1971T Cornell Green 1971T Lance Alworth 1971T Mike Ditka 1971T Issac Thomas 1971T Roger Staubach
#1 Cornell Green #2 Lance Alworth #3 Mike Ditka #4 Issac Thomas #5 Roger Staubach
1971T Herb Adderley 1971T Margene Adkins 1971T Rayfield Wright 1971T Forrest Gregg 1971T Lance Rentzel
#6 Herb Adderley #7 Margene Adkins #8 Rayfield Wright #9 Forrest Gregg #10 Lance Rentzel
1971T Gloster Richardson 1971T Dave Edwards 1971T Pettis Norman 1971T George Andrie 1971T Richmond Flowers
#11 G.Richardson #12 Dave Edwards #13 Pettis Norman #14 George Andrie #15 R. Flowers
1971T Don Talbert 1971T Jethro Pugh 1971T Claxton Welch
#16 Don Talbert #17 Jethro Pugh #18 Claxton Welch

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1971T Issac Thomas (back)

1971T Gloster Richardson (back)
#4 Issac Thomas (back) #11 Gloster Richardson (back)



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