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1971-72T Floridians

The Floridians began their existence in Minnesota in 1967 as the Minnesota Muskies and although they had success, attendance was atrocious and the team relocated to Miami.  Unfortunately, the attendance in Florida wasn’t much better despite numerous promotions, the most memorable being the tantalizing Ballgirls, a group of cheerleaders clad only in bikinis and go-go boots.
Following the 1969-70 season new owner Ned Doyle “fired” the entire team and started new with a fresh roster.  They made the playoffs that season but lost in the first round to the Kentucky Colonels.  By the 1971-72 season, the Ballgirls were the main attraction and a double header in New York was offered to the Floridians ONLY if they brought the Ballgirls with them.  Fans wanted the Ballgirls but home attendance was still dreadful – even in the playoffs, and after losing 4-0 to the Virginia Squires, Doyle disbanded the team in the summer of 1972.
RetroCards pays tribute to the groovy Miami Floridians with a 14-card set featuring players that didn’t have a card that year.  Most importantly RetroCards includes a special card dedicated to the lovely Ballgirls.  Players included are: Warren Jabali, Carl Fuller, Charles Beasley, Denny Stewart, Rick Niemann, George Tinsley, Craig Raymond, Tom Washington, Willie Long, Ron Nelson, Fran O’Hanlon, Al Tucker, plus a logo card.

Complete 14-card Set
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1971-72T Floridians Logo 1971-72T Warren Jabali 1971-72T Carl Fuller 1971-72T Charles Beasley 1971-72T Denny Stewart
#1 Floridians Logo #2 Warren Jabali #3 Carl Fuller #4 Charles Beasley #5 Denny Stewart
1971-72T Rick Niemann 1971-72T George Tinsley 1971-72T Craig Raymond 1971-72T Tom Washington 1971-72T Willie Long
#6 Rick Niemann #7 George Tinsley #8 Craig Raymond #9 Tom Washington #10 Willie Long
  1971-72T Ron Nelson 1971-72T Fran O'Hanlon 1971-72T Al Tucker 1971-72T The Ball Girls  
  #11 Ron Nelson #12 Fran O'Hanlon #13 Al Tucker #14 The Ball Girls  

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1971-72T Denny Stewart (back)

1971-72T The Ball Girls (back)
#5 Denny Stewart (back) #14 The Ball Girls (back)



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