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1970T Los Angeles Rams

The 1969 season was one of the great heartbreak seasons in the long history of the spiral helmeted franchise.  From the start of the season, the Rams steamrolled through the league, winning their first eleven games and easily wrapping up the NFL’s Coastal Division.   However, sitting at 11-0, the team had no idea that they were done winning for the year.   They lost their final three games, although their 11-3 record still sent them into the playoffs for the final year of the NFL before the NFL-AFL merger.  Then, in the playoffs, they were “one-and-done”, losing in the NFL semifinal round to the Vikings 23-20.  In 1970, the Rams posted a 9-4-1 record, just missing the playoffs in the newly reorganized NFC Western Division.

As their 11-0 start in 1969 would suggest, the Rams were a team of stars.  Future Hall-of-Famers, such as Tom Mack, Bob Brown, Merlin Olsen and Deacon Jones anchored the team.   However, the talent on the Rams roster was spread far and wide.   RetroCards, in the distinctive oval-faced style of the 1970 cards, presents a gallery of the Rams talent from this golden era of the franchise.   Old time stalwarts of the franchise include Charlie Cowan, Kermit Alexander, Ken Iman, Pat Studstill, Tommy Mason, Clancy Williams and the ever-popular Joe Scibelli.  Youngsters who would gain their notoriety later in the ‘70’s include Larry Smith, Rich Saul and “Hacksaw” Jim Reynolds.  Even players who would eventually see stardom with other teams include Coy Bacon, Diron Talbert and Pat Curran.  The set is rounded out with former Lions castoff QB Karl Sweetan, popular wideout Wendell Tucker, and others.
Complete 18-card Set
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1970T Kermit Alexander 1970T Coy Bacon 1970T Charlie Cowan 1970T Pat Curran 1970T Ken Iman
#1 Kermit Alexander #2 Coy Bacon #3 Charlie Cowan #4 Pat Curran #5 Ken Iman
1970T Tommy Mason 1970T John Pergine 1970T Jim Purnell 1970T Jack Hacksaw Reynolds 1970T Rich Saul
#6 Tommy Mason #7 John Pergine #8 Jim Purnell #9 Jack Reynolds #10 Rich Saul
1970T Joe Scibelli 1970T Nate Shaw 1970T Larry Smith 1970T Pat Studstill 1970T Karl Sweetan
#11 Joe Scibelli #12 Nate Shaw #13 Larry Smith #14 Pat Studstill #15 Karl Sweetan
1970T Diron Talbert 1970T Wendell Tucker 1970T Clancy Williams
#16 Diron Talbert #17 Wendell Tucker #18 Clancy Williams

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1970T Kermit Alexander (back)

1970T Rich Saul (back)
#1 Kermit Alexander (back) #10 Rich Saul (back)



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