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1969T New York Jets

The 1968 Jets were the powerhouse of the AFL, beating the Oakland Raiders in the AFL Championship Game. But history was made when Joe Namath, sick of the reporters hounding him, predicted the impossible – that the Jets would beat the Colts of the mighty NFL. 

One of the most colorful sets ever designed, the 1969 football set combined both NFL and AFL teams into one set.  But because of this, there were fewer players per team. The Jets had a mere seven player cards in the regular set, missing several key players and team stars that help them win Super Bowl III.

RetroCards more than makes up for the paultry seven cards in the original set by adding 25 more cards! Included are: Al Atkinson, Bill Baird, Verlon Biggs, Emerson Boozer, Earl Christy, Paul Crane, John Dockery, John Elliot, Larry Grantham, Dave Herman, Winston Hill, Jim Hudson, Billy Joe, Pete Lammons, Bill Mathis, Carl McAdams, Babe Parilli, Bill Radenmaker, Jeff Richardson, Paul Rochseer, Johnny Sample, John Schmidt, Mark Smolinski, head coach Weeb Ewbanks, and an “Aerial Attack” card featuring Joe Namath, Don Maynard, and George Sauer.

Complete 25-card Set
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1969T Al Atkinson 1969T Bill Baird 1969T Verlon Biggs 1969T Emerson Boozer 1969T Earl Christy
#264 Al Atkinson #265 Bill Baird #266 Verlon Biggs #267 Emerson Boozer #268 Earl Christy
1969T Paul Crane 1969T John Dockery 1969T John Elliot 1969T Larry Grantham 1969T Dave Herman
#269 Paul Crane #270 John Dockery #271 John Elliot #272 Larry Grantham #273 Dave Herman
1969T Winston Hill 1969T Jim Hudson 1969T Billy Joe 1969T Pete Lammons 1969T Bill Mathis
#274 Winston Hill #275 Jim Hudson #276 Billy Joe #277 Pete Lammons #278 Bill Mathis
1969T Carl McAdams 1969T Babe Parilli 1969T Bill Radenmaker 1969T Jeff Richardson 1969T Paul Rochester
#279 Carl McAdams #280 Babe Parilli #281 Bill Radenmaker #282 Jeff Richardson #283 Paul Rochester
1969T Johnny Sample 1969T John Schmidt 1969T Mark Smolinski 1969T Weeb Ewbanks 1969T Namath Aerial Attack
#284 Johnny Sample #285 John Schmidt #286 Mark Smolinski #287 Weeb Ewbanks #288 Namath Aerial

All RetroCard style sets feature new back designs unique to each set. The backs now mimic the classic design of the original set. This new feature takes RetroCards to a whole new level with our custom cards.


1969T Larry Grantham (back)

1969T Weeb Ewbanks (back)
#272 Larry Grantham (back) #287 Weeb Ewbanks (back)



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