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1968T Green Bay Packers

The Super Bowl victory against the Raiders in January 1968 marked Vince Lombardi's final game coaching the Packers.  Though he maintain his General Manager role in 1968, he wouldn't coach again until the 1969 season with the Redskins when he took the head coach and GM role.  But that only lasted one season as anaplastic carcinoma became terminal and he died a year later.  Packer fans hold that final Lombardi year close to their hearts.

The 1968 Topps design gave the 1967 Super Bowl participants their own horizontal design with illustrated artwork as the background.  1968 was the first year that the NFL and AFL players were combined in the same Topps set and split 219 between 26 teams.  That left very few players per team and consequently, many popular players didn't make the cut in this set.

RetroCards fills in many Packer gaps with this 22-card set featuring Hall Of Famers Willie Wood, Henry Jordan, Willie Davis, Forrest Gregg, Dave Robinson, and Coach Vince Lombardi.  Other overlooked players are Travis Williams, Tom Brown, Ron Kostelnik, Bob Long, Jerry Kramer, Don Horn, Fuzzy Thurston, Don Chandler, Lee Roy Caffey, Bucky Pope, Chuck Mercein, Bob Skoronski, Lionel Aldridge, plus three post season cards featuring the 1967 Packer playoff appearances.

Complete 22-card Set
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1968T Bob Long 1968T Willie Wood 1968T Tom Brown 1968T Travis Williams
#1 Bob Long #2 Willie Wood #3 Tom Brown #4 Travis Williams
1968T Willie Davis 1968T Bob Skoronski 1968T Chuck Mercein 1968T Hank Jordan
#5 Willie Davis #6 Bob Skoronski #7 Chuck Mercein #8 Hank Jordan
1968T Forrest Gregg 1968T Bucky Pope 1968T Ron Kostelnik 1968T Fuzzy Thurston
#9 Forrest Gregg #10 Bucky Pope #11 Ron Kostelnik #12 Fuzzy Thurston
1968T Dave Robinson 1968T Jerry Kramer 1968T Don Chandler 1968T Lee Roy Caffey
#13 Dave Robinson #14 Jerry Kramer #15 Don Chandler #16 Lee Roy Caffey
1968T Don Horn 1968T Lionel Aldridge 1968T Vince Lombardi 1968T NFL Western Conference Playoffs, Packers vs. Rams
#17 Don Horn #18 Lionel Aldridge #19 Vince Lombardi #20 NFL Western Conf.
      Playoffs vs. Rams
  1968T NFL Championship Packers vs. Cowboys (Ice Bowl) 1968T AFL-NFL Championship Packers vs. Raiders (Super Bowl II)  
  #21 NFL Championship #22 AFL-NFL Championship  
  vs. Cowboys vs. Raiders  

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1968T Travis Williams (back)

1968T NFL Western Conf. Playoffs (back)
#4 Travis Williams (back) #20 NFL Western Conf. Playoffs (back)



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