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1968F Milwaukee Bucks
The Milwaukee Bucks have a storied history that began in 1968.  With the toss of a coin in 1969, the Bucks found themselves with one of the most dominating players of all time in Lew Alcidor, who soon officially changed his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  Their only Championship happened almost immediately in the 1971 season,  the franchises third season.  A lot went into building that team and RetroCards has created a 1968 inaugural set commemorating the franchise’s first season.

Since NBA cards were sporadic in the 1960s, many fine players never appeared on a card.  This 18-card set covers a lot of ground and features:  Wayne Embry, Jon McGlocklin, Greg Smith, Bob Love, Don Smith, Len Chappell, Guy Rodgers, Flynn Robinson, Bob Warlick, Dick Cunningham, Fred Hetzel, Charlie Paulk, Sam Williams, and Dave Gambee.  Other cards include coach Larry Costello, Voice Of The Bucks Eddie Doucette, a team card, and a logo card with checklist.  This set is a fine example of RetroCard’s dedication to special teams and players that made a difference in the sport – no matter how big or how small. 
Complete 18-card Set
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    1968F Milwaukee Bucks Team Card    
    #1 Bucks Team Card    
1968F Wayne Embry 1968F Guy Rodgers 1968F Greg Smith 1968F Bob Love 1968F Don Smith
#2 Wayne Embry #3 Guy Rodgers #4 Greg Smith #5 Bob Love #6 Don Smith
1968F Jon McGlocklin 1968F Len Chappell 1968F Sam Williams 1968F Dick Cunningham 1968F Bob Warlick
#7 Jon McGlocklin #8 Len Chappell #9 Sam Williams #10 Dick Cunningham #11 Bob Warlick
1968F Flynn Robinson 1968F Dave Gambee 1968F Charlie Paulk 1968F Fred Hetzel 1968F Larry Colstello
#12 Flynn Robinson #13 Dave Gambee #14 Charlie Paulk #15 Fred Hetzel #16 Larry Colstello
  1968F Eddie Doucette 1968F Milwaukee Bucks Logo  
  #17 Eddie Doucette #18 Bucks Logo  

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1968F Bucks Team Card (back)

1968F Flynn Robinson (back)
#1 Bucks Team Card (back) #12 Flynn Robinson (back)



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