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1967T Oakland Raiders

Just Win Baby!  After seven years in the AFL, and no post-season appearances to date, the Raiders were finally about to put together that championship team.  Posting a 13-1 record, 1967 would be the year the Raiders would win the AFL Championship, and represent the league in Super Bowl II.

The attractive 1967 AFL Raiders team set is one of the most popular in the hobby, and Retrocards now supplements that set with an 18-card set of its own. Superstars represented in this set include George Blanda and Willie Brown, in their first years as Raiders, and Eugene Upshaw, in his would-be rookie card. Other well-known competitors of Raider lore include Pete Banaszak, Tom Keating, Gus Otto, J.R. Williamson, Dan Birdwell, Bill Miller and Warren Wells.

Furthermore, Raider historians will be pleased with these players finally given their due on a card, namely Jim Harvey, Rodger Bird, Bill Laskey, Howie Williams, and the tallest player in pro football history, Richard Sligh.  Whether you are a fanatic of the Silver-and-Black, a fan of AFL history, or anyone who enjoyed the color and style of the 1967 set, this team set is for you. Order yours today!
Complete 20-card Set
International Buyers are welcome, but need to contact me first with your complete shipping address so I can prepare an invoice.

Personal checks & money orders also accepted. Please contact me for details.
1967T Raiders Team Card (Madden)
#1 Oakland Raiders Team Card (John Madden, far right)
1967T George Blanda 1967T Howie Williams 1967T Pete Banaszak 1967T Billy Miller 1967T Tom Keating
#2 George Blanda #3 Howie Williams #4 Pete Banaszak #5 Billy Miller #6 Tom Keating
1967T Gus Otto 1967T Jim Harvey 1967T Warren Powers 1967T Warren Wells 1967T J.R. Williamson
#7 Gus Otto #8 Jim Harvey #9 Warren Powers #10 Warren Wells #11 J.R. Williamson
1967T Richard Sligh 1967T Dan Birdwell 1967T Bill Laskey 1967T Rodger Bird 1967T Ken Herock
#12 Richard Sligh #13 Dan Birdwell #14 Bill Laskey #15 Rodger Bird #16 Ken Herock
1967T Eugene Upshaw 1967T Willie Brown 1967T Carlton Oats 1967T John Rauch
#17 Eugene Upshaw #18 Willie Brown #19 Carleton Oats #20 John Rauch

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1967T  Gus Otto (back)

1967T John Rauch (back)
#7 Gus Otto (back) #20 John Rauch (back)



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