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1967T Kansas City Chiefs

The 1966 Kansas City Chiefs season saw their first AFL Championship as they dispensed with Jack Kemp and the Buffalo Bills, winners of the 1964 and 1965 Championships.  But the season didn’t end there because 1966 was to be the first ever NFL-AFL Championship between the winner of each league.  This game of course was Super Bowl I and a lot was riding on this game as the NFL did not want to be embarrassed by the junior league.  Vince Lombardi was nervous about this game but he needn’t have been as his Green Bay Packers dispensed with the Chiefs 35-10.

The Chiefs were just getting started and returned to the Super Bowl three years later, beating the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV.  This RetroCard set focuses on that 1966 team which was stacked with excellent players and headed by Hall Of Fame coach Hank Stram.  The small football card sets of the day regularly missed fine players as well as many up-and-coming players and this set corrects that but adding 18 more cards in the 1967 style. This set features: Hank Stram, Dub Abell, Emmitt Thomas, Fred "the hammer" Williamson, Jerrel Wilson, Mike Garrett, Jon Giliam, Willie Mitchell, Sherrill, Headrick, Reg Carolan, Dennis Diodrowski, Tommy Brooker, Walt Corey, Tony Dimidio, Curt Merz, Bobby Ply, Al Reynolds, Hatch Rosdahl, Smokey Stover, and a team card.
Complete 20-card Set
International Buyers are welcome, but need to contact me first with your complete shipping address so I can prepare an invoice.

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1967T KC Chiefs Team Card 1967T Bud Abell 1967T Dennis Biodrowski 1967T Tommy Brooker 1967T Reg Carolan
#1 Team Card #2 Bud Abell #3 Dennis #4 Tommy Brooker #5 Reg Carolan
1967T Walt Corey 1967T Tony DiMidio 1967T Mike Garrett 1967T Jon Gilliam 1967T Sherrill Headrick
#6 Walt Corey #7 Tony DiMidio #8 Mike Garrett #9 Jon Gilliam #10 Sherrill Headrick
1967T Curt Merz 1967T Willie Mitchell 1967T Bobby Ply 1967T Al Reynolds 1967T Hatch Rosdahl
#11 Curt Merz #12 Willie Mitchell #13 Bobby Ply #14 Al Reynolds #15 Hatch Rosdahl
1967T Smokey Stover 1967T Emmitt Thomas 1967T Fred Williamson 1967T Jerrel Wilson 1967T Hank Stram
#16 Smokey Stover #17 Emmitt Thomas #18 Fred Williamson #19 Jerrel Wilson #20 Hank Stram

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1967T Jon Gilliam (back)

1967T Jerrel Wilson (back)
#9 Jon Gilliam (back) #19 Jerrel Wilson (back)



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