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1967P Green Bay Packers

In 1967, the Green Bay Packers represented the NFL as the first ever defending Super Bowl Champions.  After defeating the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10 in the first AFL-NFL Championship Game, as it was initially called, they embarked on a quest to win that game a second time. As the team was rapidly aging at the time, few believed that they would.  However, as history knows it, they did, defeating the Oakland Raiders 33-14 in January of 1968.  That would give the franchise five pro football championships in seven years.

The solid yellow-bordered 1967 football cards featured superstars of the NFL, including future Hall-of-Famers for the Packers.  Always pursuing new Packers sets, RetroCards has come up with a 20-card set to accompany the regular issue cards.  Old pros, well-known to the “Frozen Tundra”, include Carroll Dale, Boyd Dowler, Bob Jeter, Marv Fleming, Don Chandler, Elijah Pitts, and the ever-popular and iconic guards Jerry Kramer and Fuzzy Thurston.  Younger contributors to the Packer dynasty, coming into their own in 1967, include Gale Gillingham, Donny Anderson, Jim Grabowski and Ken Bowman.  

Many collectors will actually find the highlights of this set to be the several players shown in Packer uniforms for the first time on a card.   They are Bob Hyland, Don Horn, Allen Brown, Chuck Mercein, John Rowser, and the leading ground gainer in Super Bowl II, Ben Wilson.  We here at RetroCards are truly proud of this set, commemorating the once and again Super Bowl champion Packers.


Complete 20-card Set
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1967P Don Horn 1967P Ben Wilson 1967P Bob Jeter 1967P Ken Bowman 1967P Don Chandler
#1 Don Horn #2 Ben Wilson

#3 Bob Jeter

#4 Ken Bowman #5 Don Chandler
1967P Allen Brown 1967P Carroll Dale 1967P Jerry Kramer 1967P Marv Fleming 1967P Gale Gillingham
#6 Allen Brown #7 Carroll Dale #8 Jerry Kramer #9 Marv Fleming #10 Gale Gillingham
1967P Steve Wright 1967P Chuck Mercein 1967P Jim Weatherwax 1967P Elijah Pitts 1967P John Rowser
#11 Steve Wright #12 Chuck Mercein #13 Jim Weatherwax #14 Elijah Pitts #15 John Rowser
1967P Fuzzy Thurston 1967P Bob Hyland 1967P Donny Anderson 1967P Boyd Dowler 1967P Jim Grabowski
#16 Fuzzy Thurston #17 Bob Hyland #18 Donny #19 Boyd Dowler #20 Jim Grabowski

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1967P Don Horn (back)

1967P Steve Wright (back)
#1 Don Horn (back) #11 Steve Wright (back)



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