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1966T NFL All Stars

1965 signified a turning point in the growth of the NFL.  It was the last season the NFL and AFL played their respective championships.  By mid-1966, an NFL-AFL merger had been agreed upon but both leagues would continue to maintain separate regular season schedules until the 1970 season.  1966 would be the first meeting of the NFL-AFL Championship, the game that would eventually be called the Super Bowl.

In 1966, two companies produced football cards; one licensed to make NFL cards, the other to do the AFL cards.  This new RetroCards set is an All-Pro set featuring NFL stars in the original AFL card design.

Complete 24-card Set
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1966T Pete Rozelle 1966T Jim Brown 1966T Frank Ryan 1966T Johnny Unitas
#1 Pete Rozelle #2 Jim Brown #3 Frank Ryan #4 Johnny Unitas
1966T Lenny Moore 1966T Jim Parker 1966T Alex Karras 1966T Roman Gabriel
#5 Lenny Moore #6 Jim Parker #7 Alex Karras #8 Roman Gabriel
1966T Les Josephson 1966T Carl Lockhart 1966T Bart Starr 1966T Willie Davis
#9 Les Josephson #10 Carl Lockhart #11 Bart Starr #12 Willie Davis
1966T Paul Hornung 1966T Sonny Jurgensen 1966T Gale Sayers 1966T Dick Butkus
#13 Paul Hornung #14 Sonny Jurgensen #15 Gale Sayers #16 Dick Butkus
1966T George Halas & Vince Lombardi 1966T NFL Championship (Packers vs. Browns) 1966T Don Meredith 1966T Bob Hayes
#17 George Halas & #18 NFL Championship #19 Don Meredith #20 Bob Hayes
Vince Lombardi Packers vs. Browns    
1966T Bob Lilly 1966T Fran Tarkenton 1966T Pete Retzlaff 1966T All Star Checklist
#21 Bob Lilly #22 Fran Tarkenton #23 Pete Retzlaff #24 Checklist

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1966T #2 Jim Brown (back)

1966T #18 NFL Championship (back)
#2 Jim Brown (back) #18 NFL Championship (back)



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