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1966T Green Bay Packers

For the Packers, 1965 marked a return to the championship winning ways of 1961 and 1962.  One of the things missing was a solid kicker who can pull out a win in the waning seconds of a game.  Precision kicker Don Chandler was obtained from the Giants and with the return of Jerry Kramer from stomach surgery, the Packers were in shape to compete.

The regular season ended on an odd note for the Packers with an upset tie with the 49ers, giving the Packers an identical 10-3-1 record to the Colts, setting up a showdown with a strong Baltimore team – that is, a strong defensive Baltimore team as both Colt quarterbacks were out with injuries.  Without Johnny Unitas and Gary Cuozzo, running back Tom Matte set up under center.  The Packers won it on a controversial Don Chandler field goal sending them to the Championship against the Browns.  In the Championship game, the Packers dominated the running game with Hornung and Taylor combining for over 200 yards rushing while the Packer defense held Jim Brown in check with only 50 yards.

This set includes Bart Starr, Boyd Dowler, Paul Hornung, Jim Taylor, Max McGee, Jerry Kramer, Forrest Gregg, Fuzzy Thurston, Dave Robinson, Willie Davis, Herb Adderley, Willie Wood, Ray Nitschke, Henry Jordan, and Vince Lombardi.  Special cards featuring the “Gold Dust Twins,” Jim Grabowski and Donny Anderson, Tony and Bob Jeter, Elijah Pitts and Son (little Ron), an offensive line card, two playoff cards, and a team card of the Packers “Taking The Field.”

Complete 22-card Set
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1966T Taking The Field 1966T Jim Taylor 1966T Boyd Dowler 1966T Jerry Kramer
#1 Taking The Field #2 Jim Taylor #3 Boyd Dowler #4 Jerry Kramer
1966T Willie Davis 1966T Max McGee 1966T Bart Starr 1966T Willie Wood
#5 Willie Davis #6 Max McGee #7 Bart Starr #8 Willie Wood
1966T Paul Hornung 1966T Ray Nitschke 1966T Forrest Gregg 1966T Dave Robinson
#9 Paul Hornung #10 Ray Nitschke #11 Forrest Gregg #12 Dave Robinson
1966T Fuzzy Thurston 1966T Hank Jordan 1966T Herb Adderley 1966T Pitts & Son
#13 Fuzzy Thurston #14 Hank Jordan #15 Herb Adderley #16 Pitts & Son
1966T Gold Dust Twins 1966T Jeter Brothers 1966T Offensive Line 1966T Vince Lombardi
#17 Gold Dust Twins #18 Jeter Brothers #19 Offensive Line #20 Vince Lombardi
  1966T Divisional Playoffs 1966T Championship Game  
  #21 Divisional Playoffs #22 Championship Game  
  Packers vs. Colts Packers vs. Browns  

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1966T Willie Davis (back)

1966T Divisional Playoffs (back)
#5 Willie Davis (back) #21 Divisional Playoffs (back)



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