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Retrocards introduces our first full custom NFL set. Picking up where the original 1966 Philadelphia set ends, this 140-card set includes eight new players for each of the 15 NFL teams, along with a Team Leaders card for each team, and four Post Season Highlights cards - numbered from 199 to 338. Nearly half (45%) of the cards feature players that either never had a card, or were never issued a card with the team they are pictured with in this set. Click here for the complete set checklist.

Buy the complete set, team sets, or relive your youth and open a few wax packs. Team sets will include nine cards - eight players and one Team Leaders card, and comes in a wax pack. Click here for more purchasing options.

Complete 140-card Set
 $17.00/ea  $17.00/ea
9-card Team Set 9-card Team Set
Falcons, Colts, Bears, Browns, Cowboys, Lions, Packers, Rams Vikings, Giants, Eagles, Steelers, Cardinals, 49ers, Redskins
Choose Team
Choose Team

140 total cards, eight new players per team...
1966P 49ers, Packers, Browns, Colts, Giants, Bears, Cowboys, Steelers

1966P Packers, Redskins, Lions. Rams, Eagles

Team Leaders, Post Season Highlights & Checklist
1966P Checklist & Team Leaders Cards

Just like the 1966 Philly set, the 1966P card backs are complete with the 'Guess Who Quiz' that feature another 135 players and head coaches!


1966P Jerry Hill (back)

1966P San Francisco 49ers TL (back)
#210 Jerry Hill (back) #324 San Francisco 49ers TL (back)


Wax pack wrappers...
1966P -The Final Series Wax Pack

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