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Dallas Cowboys Custom Vintage Cards


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1965P Dallas Cowboys

Here's the third Philadelphia Gum Retrocards set we've tackled. All of the Philadelphia sets (1964-67) have a simple, classic look to them. In 1965 the Cowboys had their first home game sell-out. 76,251 fans filled the Cotton Bowl to watch the Cowboys play the Cleveland Browns.

This Retrocards set includes first-time cards for; Pete Gent, Jim Boeke, Obert Logan, Leon Donohue, Jerry Rhome and Larry Stephens. Gent, Logan, and Rhome also appear in the 1966P Retrocards set. We have the first Cowboys card for Brig Owens and J.D Smith, as well as pre-rookie cards for Bob Hayes, Chuck Howley, Craig Morton, Dave Manders, Ralph Neely, Dan Reeves, and Jethro Pugh.

Complete 18-card Set
International Buyers are welcome, but need to contact me first with your complete shipping address so I can prepare an invoice.

Personal checks & money orders also accepted. Please contact me for details.
1965P Bob Hayes 1965P Chuck Howley 1965P Amos Marsh 1965P Pete Gent 1965P Jim Boeke
#1 Bob Hayes #2 Chuck Howley #3 Amos Marsh #4 Pete Gent #5 Jim Boeke
1965P Craig Morton 1965P Brig Owens 1965P Obert Logan 1965P Dave Manders 1965P Leon Donohue
#6 Craig Morton #7 Brig Owens #8 Obert Logan #9 Dave Manders #10 Leon Donohue
1965P Ralph Neely 1965P Dan Reeves 1965P Jerry Rhome 1965P Larry Stephens 1965P Danny Villanueva
#11 Ralph Neely #12 Dan Reeves #13 Jerry Rhome #14 Larry Stephens #15 D. Villanueva
  1965P Jethro Pugh 1965P J.D. Smith 1965P Mike Gaechter  
  #16 Jethro Pugh #17 J.D. Smith #18 Mike Gaechter  

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.

1965P Pete Gent (back) 1965P Jethro Pugh (back)
#4 Pete Gent (back) #16 Jethro Pugh (back)



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