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1965P Green Bay Packers

The 1964 season ended with a thud as the mighty Packers lost to the St. Louis Cardinals in the Playoff Bowl - a "playoff" game that essentially decided third place.  Yes it seems foolish (it was) but the origin of the game had more to do with showcasing the best NFL teams to battle the up-and-coming AFL.  Another TV game around playoff time could show NFL stars and take market shares away from the rival league.  Lombardi hated it and this loss to the Cardinals strengthened his resolve as the Packers went on to win three straight Championships (1965-1967).

The 1965 Philadelphia Gum Company had the license to produce NFL cards and of the four years they did made cards, the 1965 set rates as one of the nicest.  Because sets were small, teams were only represented by 13 players which left several quality players without a card.  The Packers were stacked with talent and this RetroCards set adds another 24 cards in this style.  Young players like Doug Hart, Ken Bowman, Bob Long, Lionel Aldridge, and Tom Brown get "early" cards and old vets like Max McGee, Bill Anderson, Don Chandler, Jerry Kramer, Norm Masters, Ron Kramer, Hank Gremminger are offered as well.  A special Playoff Bowl card and Coach Vince are two highlights of this fun set.

Complete 24-card Set
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1965P Max McGee 1965P Jerry Kramer 1965P Don Chandler 1965P Hank Gremminger 1965P Norm Masters
#1 Max McGee #2 Jerry Kramer #3 Don Chandler #4 Hank Gremminger #5 Norm Masters
1965P Bobby Jeter 1965P Carroll Dale 1965P Lee Roy Caffey 1965P Ron Kostelnik 1965P Bob Skoronski
#6 Bobby Jeter #7 Carroll Dale #8 Lee Roy Caffey #9 Ron Kostelnik #10 Bob Skoronski
1965P Dave Robinson 1965P Zeke Bratkowski 1965P Bob Long 1965P Fred Thurston 1965P Jesse Whittenton
#11 Dave Robinson #12 Zeke Bratkowski #13 Bob Long #14 Fred Thurston #15 Jesse Whittenton
1965P Ron Kramer 1965P Tom Brown 1965P Lionel Aldridge 1965P Doug Hart 1965P Marv Fleming
#16 Ron Kramer #17 Tom Brown #18 Lionel Aldridge #19 Doug Hart #20 Marv Fleming
1965P Ken Bowman 1965P Bill Anderson 1965P Vince Lombardi 1965P Playoff Bowl (1964) Packers vs. Cardinals
#21 Ken Bowman #22 Bill Anderson #23 Vince Lombardi #24 Playoff Bowl
      Packers vs. Cardinals

All RetroCard style sets feature new back designs unique to each set. The backs now mimic the classic design of the original set. This new feature takes RetroCards to a whole new level with our custom cards.


1965P Don Chandler (back)

1965P Playoff Bowl (back)
#3 Don Chandler (back) #24 Playoff Bowl (back)



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