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1964P Houston Oilers

The Houston Oilers were the first champions of the American Football League, winning the 1960 and 1961 contests in dramatic fashion, and followed that up with a third straight appearance in the AFL title game - a loss to the Dallas Texans in double-overtime. This was a team poised to dominate for years to come. In 1964 Bud Adams hired NFL legend Sammy Baugh to coach his team back into contention after a disappointing '63 season that saw the Oilers finish 6-8 and failed to qualify for the playoffs.

RetroCards covers this original AFL franchise in NFL-football-card-fashion with a Philadelphia Gum style set. The striking blue jerseys and helmets really grab your attention to these Oilers greats. This set features young super-stars Charley Tolar, Bob Talamini, WK Hicks, Sonny Bishop, Bud McFadin, rookie Scott Appleton and of course George Blanda.

Complete 18-card Set
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1964P Don Floyd 1964P Charley Frazier 1964P W.K. Hicks 1964P Larry Onesti 1964P Sonny Bishop
#1 Don Floyd #2 Charley Frazier #3 W.K. Hicks #4 Larry Onesti #5 Sonny Bishop
1964P Bob MacLeod 1964P Rich Michael 1964P Walt Suggs 1964P Bob Talamini 1964P Charley Tolar
#6 Bob MacLeod #7 Rich Michael #8 Walt Suggs #9 Bob Talamini #10 Charley Tolar
1964P Charlie Rieves 1964P Sid Blanks 1964P Bub McFadin 1964P Donny Brabham 1964P Doug Cline
#11 Charlie Rieves #12 Sid Blanks #13 Bud McFadin #14 Donny #15 Doug Cline
1964P Sammy Odom 1964P Scott Appleton 1964P George Blanda
#16 Sammy Odom #17 Scott #18 George Blanda

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1964P Rich Michael (back)

1964P Charley Tolar (back)
#7 Rich Michael (back) #10 Charley Tolar (back)



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