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Dallas Cowboys Custom Vintage Cards


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1963T Dallas Cowboys

There was nothing special about the 1963 season for the Cowboys as they continued to struggle. The Dallas Texans left town for Kansas City, leaving the Lone Star state to the Cowboys. One milestone of personal achievement was reached when Billy Howton broke Don Hudson's all-time receiving mark with a 14-yard catch at Washington, giving Howton 8,000 career yards.

Topps released their second straight football issue with solid colored borders. Although the beauty of these cards is obvious, time has exposed the problems associated with solid color borders. Even the slightest of edge and corner wear show up easily, making it tough to find these cards in top condition. Topps would lose the contract with the NFL to produce football cards for the following four years.

This set includes first-time cards for Ray Schoenke, Dale Memmelaar, Ed Nutting, Sonny Gibbs, Lynn Hoyem, Clyde Brock, John Meyers and Joe Bob Isbell. This set also features a first (regular issue) Cowboys card for Jimmy Ray Smith and Guy Reese.

Complete 18-card Set
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1963T Jimmy Ray Smith 1963T Ray Schoenke 1963T Dale Memmelaar 1963T George Andrie 1963T Ed Nutting
#1 J.R. Smith #2 Ray Schoenke #3 Dale Memmelaar #4 George Andrie #5 Ed Nutting
1963T Frank Clarke 1963T Chuck Howley 1963T Sonny Gibbs 1963T Tony Liscio 1963T Lynn Hoyem
#6 Frank Clarke #7 Chuck Howley #8 Sonny Gibbs #9 Tony Liscio #10 Lynn Hoyem
1963T Pettis Norman 1963T Guy Reese 1963T Jerry Norton 1963T Lee Roy Jordan 1963T Clyde Brock
#11 Pettis Norman #12 Guy Reese #13 Jerry Norton #14 Lee Roy Jordan #15 Clyde Brock
1963T Harold Hays 1963T John Meyers 1963T Joe Bob Isbell
#16 Harold Hays #17 John Meyers #18 Joe Bob Isbell

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1963T Frank Clarke (back)

1963T Jerry Norton (back)
#6 Frank Clarke (back) #13 Jerry Norton (back)



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