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1963T Green Bay Packers

Coming off the greatest season Vince Lombardi would every coach, the Packers found going for the 3rd straight title difficult.  The eventual champion Chicago Bears handed the Packers their only losses of the season and one tie versus the lowly Detroit Lions gave them a final record of 11-2-1.  The loss of Paul Hornung for the entire season due to gambling issues certainly took away one of the Packers most potent offensive weapons.  As a matter of fact, because of the suspension, Hornung was not issued a card for that year, nor was Alex Karras of the Lions, who was also suspended for the entire season.

This custom 1963 Packer set reinstates the "Golden Boy" and offers 17 other Packer RetroCards who were absent from the regular set that year.  Zeke Bratkowski, Jerry Kramer, Hank Gremminger, Tom Moore, Ron Kostelnik, Bobby Jeter, and Earl Gros and more in this attractive set. 

Complete 18-card Set
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1963T Paul Hornung 1963T Jerry Kramer 1963T Zeke Bratkowsk 1963T Dan Currie 1963T Willie Davis
#1 Paul Hornung #2 Jerry Kramer #3 Zeke Bratkowski #4 Dan Currie #5 Willie Davis
1963T Hank Gremminge 1963T Ron Kostelnik 1963T Tom Moore 1963T Dave Robinson 1963T Bob Skoronski
#6 Hank Gremminger #7 Ron Kostelnik #8 Tom Moore #9 Dave Robinson #10 Bob Skoronski
1963T Jesse Whittenton 1963T Earl Gros 1963T Dave Hanner 1963T Ken Iman 1963T Bob Jeter
#11 J. Whittenton #12 Earl Gros #13 Dave Hanner #14 Ken Iman #15 Bob Jeter
1963T Norm Masters 1963T Elijah Pitts 1963T Marv Fleming
#16 Norm Masters #17 Elijah Pitts #18 Marv Fleming

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1963T Zeke Bratkowski (back)

1963T Bob Skoronski (back)
#3 Zeke Bratkowski (back) #10 Bob Skoronski (back)



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