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Dallas Cowboys Custom Vintage Cards


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1962T Minnesota Vikings

The NFL originally had no plans for expansion after adding the Dallas Cowboys in 1960.  But the new American Football League granted a team in the Twin Cities so the NFL jumped in and offered team ownership the chance to join the NFL instead.  The newly named "Vikings" jumped at the chance and hired newly retired quarterback Norm Van Brocklin as its coach.  An expansion draft was held and the Vikings surprised everyone by destroying the mighty Chicago Bears in their first regular season game.  In that game, starting quarterback George Shaw gave way to scrabbling sensation Fran Tarkenton who threw for four touchdowns and ran for one more!

This 20-card team set is a continuation of the expansive 1962 RetroCards set and features: head coach Norm Van Brocklin, Bill Brown, Bob Denton, Ed Sharockman, Jim Marshall, George Shaw, Oscar Donahue, Grady Alderman, Mick Tinglehoff, Clancy Osborne, Lebron Shields, Cliff Livingston, Mike Rabold, Doug Mayberry, Paul Dickson, Jerry Huth, Bill Butler, Dean Derby, a Vikings Highlight card, and a card of Metropolitan Stadium.


Complete 20-card Set
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1962T Norm Van Brocklin 1962T Bill Brown 1962T Bob Denton 1962T Ed Sharockman
#385 Norm Van Brocklin #386 Bill Brown #387 Bob Denton #388 Ed Sharockman
1962T Jim Marshall 1962T George Shaw 1962T Oscar Donahue 1962T Grady Alderman
#389 Jim Marshall #390 George Shaw #391 Oscar Donahue #392 Grady Alderman
1962T Mick Tinglehoff 1962T Clancy Osborne 1962T Lebron Shields 1962T Cliff Livingston
#393 Mick Tinglehoff #394 Clancy Osborne #395 Lebron Shields #396 Cliff Livingston
1962T Mike Rabold 1962T Doug Mayberry 1962T Paul Dickson 1962T Jerry Huth
#397 Mike Rabold #398 Doug Mayberry #399 Paul Dickson #400 Jerry Huth
1962T Bill Butler 1962T Dean Derby 1962T Vikings Highlight 1962T Vikings Stadium
#401 Bill Butler #402 Dean Derby #403 Vikings Highlight #404 Vikings Stadium

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1962T Norm Van Brocklin (back)

1962T Doug Mayberry (back)
#385 Norm Van Brocklin (back) #398 Doug Mayberry (back)



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