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1962T Green Bay Packers II

If you liked the 1962T Packers RetroCards set, you'll love this addition to an already nice set.  This completes the 1962 Packers in more ways than one.  You'll see more players that were not in the first set and you'll get some highlight cards that focus on the Packers 1961 Championship victory.  A special Paul Hornung card that honors NFL players that served military duty during the playing season back in 1961.

Players include: Dan Currie, Bill Quinlan, Tom Bettis, Lee Folkins, Dave Hanner, Gary Knafelc, Hank Gremminger, Ben Davidson, Lew Carpenter, and Nelson Toburen.  Other cards include the Packers Play - Sweep, three Championship cards vs. Giants, Packers Win, Paul Hornung Military Service, and a handy Checklist.

Complete 18-card Set
International Buyers are welcome, but need to contact me first with your complete shipping address so I can prepare an invoice.

Personal checks & money orders also accepted. Please contact me for details.
1962T City Stadium 1962T County Stadium 1962T Bill Quinlan 1962T Dan Currie
#19 City Stadium #20 County Stadium #21 Bill Quinlan #22 Dan Currie
1962T Tom Bettis 1962T Lee Folkins 1962T Dave Hanner 1962T Gary Knafelc
#23 Tom Bettis #24 Lee Folkins #25 Dave Hanner #26 Gary Knafelc
1962T Hank Gremminger 1962T Ben Davidson 1962T Lew Carpenter 1962T Nelson Toburen
#27 Hank Gremminger #28 Ben Davidson #29 Lew Carpenter #30 Nelson Toburen
1962T Packers Play - The Power Sweep 1962T Championship Game (Paul Hornung) 1962T Championship Posts 1962T Packers Win It!
#31 Packers Play #32 Championship Game #33 Championship Posts #34 Packers Win It!
The Power Sweep     Lombardi
  1962T Military Service 1962T Checklist  
  #35 Military Service #36 Checklist  

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1962T Lee Folkins (back)

1962T Lew Carpenter (back)
#24 Lee Folkins (back) #29 Lew Carpenter (back)



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