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1962T NFL Series II

RetroCards continues its expansive 1962 series with a second series of 22 cards. New features not in the original set released in 1962 include a stadium card, a team highlight, as well as a head coach card for each team.

Series two features: Vince Promuto, Chuck Bednarik, Bernie Casey, Earl Morral, Buddy Parker, Merlin Olsen, Ernie McMillan, Dan James, Roy Hord, John Paluck, George Wilson, Joe Morrison, Pervis Atkins, John Nocera, Red Hickey, Dick Lynch, Wayne Walker, Roy Wilkins, Cardinals Highlight, Cardinals Stadium, Giants Highlight, and a Giants Stadium card.


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Complete 22-card Set
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1962T Vince Promuto 1962T Chuck Bednarik 1962T Bernie Casey 1962T Earl Morrall
#199 Vince Promuto #200 Chuck Bednarik #201 Bernie Casey #202 Earl Morrall
1962T Buddy Parker 1962T Merlin Olsen 1962T Ernie McMillan 1962T Dan James
#203 Buddy Parker #204 Merlin Olsen #205 Ernie McMillan #206 Dan James
1962T Roy Hord 1962T John Paluck 1962T George Wilson 1962T Joe Morrison
#207 Roy Hord #208 John Paluck #209 George Wilson #210 Joe Morrison
1962T Pervis Atkins 1962T John Nocera 1962T Red Hickey 1962T Dick Lynch
#211 Pervis Atkins #212 John Nocera #213 Red Hickey #214 Dick Lynch
1962T Wayne Walker 1962T Roy Wilkins 1962T Cardinals Highlight 1962T Cardinals Stadium
#215 Wayne Walker #216 Roy Wilkins #217 Cardinals Highlight #218 Cardinals Stadium
  1962T Giants Highlight 1962T Giants Stadium  
  #219 Giants Highlight #220 Giants Stadium  

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1962T Roy Hord (back)

1962T Wayne Walker (back)
#207 Roy Hord (back) #215 Wayne Walker (back)



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