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1962T Baltimore Colts

Having won consecutive Championships in 1958 and 1959, the Baltimore Colts struggled in the following years to mount successful seasons.  Despite boasting several NFL stars (John Unitas, Ray Berry, Lenny Moore, Jim Parker) and adding key veterans like Joe Perry and R.C. Owens, and moving key veterans out like Gene “Big Daddy” Lipscomb and Johnny Sample didn’t translate into more championships.  Having dropped to 6-6 in 1960, the Colts made strides in 1961 by going 8-6.  But with a limp running game and aging offensive line, the Colts fell back to 7-7, costing head coach Weeb Ewbank his job.

This RetroCards set features the very attractive 1962 design and has some fine stars that didn't make it into the original card set of the same year.  Players include: Jimmy Orr, R.C. Owens, Jim Parker, Lenny Lyles, Lamar McHan, Palmer Pyle, Art Donovan, Dick Syzsmanski, Tom Matte, Dee Mackey, Val Kecklin, Aubrey Linne, Marv Matuzak, George Preas, Dave Yohn, Bobby Boyd, Billy Ray Smith, head coach Weeb Ewbank, a Memorial Stadium card, plus a Highlight card of the retirement of Art Donovan.

Complete 20-card Set
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1962T Memorial Stadium 1962T Lenny Lyles 1962T Bob Boyd 1962T R.C. Owens
#1 Memorial Stadium #2 Lenny Lyles #3 Bob Boyd #4 R.C. Owens
1962T Jim Parker 1962T Lamar McHan 1962T Billy Ray Smith 1962T Jimmy Orr
#5 Jim Parker #6 Lamar McHan #7 Billy Ray Smith #8 Jimmy Orr
1962T Palmer Pyle 1962T Marv Matuzak 1962T Art Donovan 1962T Dick Szymanski
#9 Palmer Pyle #10 Marv Matuzak #11 Art Donovan #12 Dick Szymanski
1962T Tom Matte 1962T Aubrey Linne 1962T George Preas 1962T Val Keckin
#13 Tom Matte #14 Aubrey Linne #15 George Preas #16 Val Keckin
1962T Dave Yohn 1962T Dee Mackey 1962T Weeb Ewbank 1962T Colts Highlights - Art Donovan's Final Game
#17 Dave Yohn #18 Dee Mackey #19 Weeb Ewbank #20 Colts Highlights
      Donovan's Last Game

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1962T Memorial Stadium (back)

1962T Dee Mackey (back)
#1 Memorial Stadium (back) #18 Dee Mackey (back)



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