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1962T Chicago Bears

The Bears were slowly climbing back up in the ranks going from a 5-6-1 record in 1960 to a 9-5 record in 1962.  The football world would have to wait another year to see if the Bears had the firepower to win a Championship.

On the surface, it didn't seem like the Bears were going to do much but that changed with the arrival of tight end Mike Ditka in 1961 who helped make Billy Wade look like an actual NFL quarterback!  The Bears staunch defense was still tough as nails and the Bears took 3rd place in the Western Division in 1962.

RetroCards focuses on the 1962 Bears for this 22-card set.  Like several past sets, this one includes a stadium card, and a "Bears play" action card along with 20 players that didn't make it in the original set released in 1962, including Mike Pyle, J.C. Caroline, Ed Brown, Bo Farrington, Dave Whitsell, Bennie McRae, Bob Wetoska, Bobby Joe Green, Roosevelt Taylor, Bob Kilcullen, Joe Fortunato, Fred Williams, Harlon Hill, Herman Lee, Earl Leggett, Charlie Bivins, Rudy Bukich, Maury Youmans, Joe Marconi, and the old man himself, coach George Halas.

Complete 22-card Set
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1962T Wrigley Field 1962T Mike Pyle 1962T J.C. Caroline 1962T Ed Brown
#1 Wrigley Field #2 Mike Pyle #3 J.C. Caroline #4 Ed Brown
1962T Bo Farrington 1962T Dave Whitsell 1962T Bennie McRae 1962T Bob Wetoska
#5 Bo Farrington #6 Dave Whitsell #7 Bennie McRae #8 Bob Wetoska
1962T Bobby Joe Green 1962T Roosevelt Taylor 1962T Bob Kilcullen 1962T Joe Fortunato
#9 Bobby Joe Green #10 Roosevelt Taylor #11 Bob Kilcullen #12 Joe Fortunato
1962T Fred Williams 1962T Harlon Hill 1962T Herman Lee 1962T Earl Leggett
#13 Fred Williams #14 Harlon Hill #15 Herman Lee #16 Earl Leggett
1962T Charlie Bivins 1962T Rudy Bukich 1962T Maury Youmans 1962T Joe Marconi
#17 Charlie Bivins #18 Rudy Bukich #19 Maury Youmans #20 Joe Marconi
  1962T George Halas 1962T Bears Play  
  #21 George Halas #22 Bears Play  

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1962T Harlon Hill (back)

1962T Herman Lee (back)
#14 Harlon Hill (back) #15 Herman Lee (back)



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