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1961F NFL Update - Series V

Series five of RetroCards 1961 Fleer update continues with 24 more cards.  This series features players from eight AFL teams.

Players include: Chuck Gavin, Roger Ellis, Rommie Loudd, Tony Teresa, Jack Rudolph, Jerry Helluin, Bud McFaddin, Willie Smith, Don Chelf, Keith Lincoln, Ron Sabal, Larry Grantham, Chuck Shonta, Johnny Pyeatt, Mark Johnston, Jim Sorey, Wayne Hawkins, Bob McNamara, Corky Tharp, Don Norton, Orville, Trask, Jim Lee Hunt, Tom Louderback, and Emil Karas.


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Complete 24-card Set
International Buyers are welcome, but need to contact me first with your complete shipping address so I can prepare an invoice.

Personal checks & money orders also accepted. Please contact me for details.
1961F Chuck Gavin 1961F Roger Ellis 1961F Rommie Loudd 1961F Tony Teresa 1961F Jack Rudolph
#317 Chuck Gavin #318 Roger Ellis #319 Rommie Loudd #320 Tony Teresa #321 Jack Rudolph
1961F Jerry Helluin 1961F Bud McFaddin 1961F Willie Smith 1961F Don Chelf 1961F Keith Lincoln
#322 Jerry Helluin #323 Bud McFaddin #324 Willie Smith #325 Don Chelf #326 Keith Lincoln
1961F Ron Sabal 1961F Larry Grantham 1961F Chuck Shonta 1961F Johnny Pyeatt 1961F Mark Johnston
#327 Ron Sabal #328 Larry Grantham #329 Chuck Shonta #330 Johnny Pyeatt #331 Mark Johnston
1961F Jim Sorey 1961F Wayne Hawkins 1961F Bob McNamara 1961F Corky Tharp 1961F Don Norton
#332 Jim Sorey #333 Wayne Hawkins #334 Bob McNamara #335 Corky Tharp #336 Don Norton
1961F Orville Trask 1961F Jim Lee Hunt 1961F Tom Louderback 1961F Emil Karras
#337 Orville Trask #338 Jim Lee Hunt #339 Tom Louderback #340 Emil Karras

All RetroCard style sets feature new back designs unique to each set. The backs now mimic the classic design of the original set. This new feature takes RetroCards to a whole new level with our custom cards.


1961F Dick James (back)

1961F Clendon Thomas (back)
#319 Rommie Loudd (back) #336 Don Norton (back)



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