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1961F NFL Update - Series IV

Series four of RetroCards Fleer 1961 Football cards continues with 24 more NFL players. Series one and two each had 24 players and series three focuses on AFL players.  This is the fourth in five series of this cool and clean-looking sixties set.

Players in this set include: Willie West, Bob Boyd, Bob Waters, Ed, Meador, Dick James, Ray Wietcha, Mike Henry, Mike Rabold, Marion Campbell, Ed Culpepper, Dick Moegle, Frank Varrichoine, George Preas, Gene Hickerson, Jim Katcavage, Clendon Thomas, C.R. Roberts, Bert Rechichar, Charles Sumner, Larry Wilson, Andy Nelson, Andy Stynchula, John Whittenborn, and Jim Ray Smith.


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Complete 24-card Set
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1961F Willie West 1961F Bob Boyd 1961F Bob Waters 1961F Ed Meador 1961F Dick James
#293 Willie West #294 Bob Boyd #295 Bob Waters #296 Ed Meador #297 Dick James
1961F Ray Wietecha 1961F Mike Henry 1961F Mike Rabold 1961F Marion Campbell 1961F Ed Culpepper
#298 Ray Wietecha #299 Mike Henry #300 Mike Rabold #301 Marion Campbell #302 Ed Culpepper
1961F Dick Moegle 1961F Frank Varrichoine 1961F George Preas 1961F Gene Hickerson 1961F Jim Katcavage
#303 Dick Moegle #304 Frank Varrichoine #305 George Preas #306 Gene Hickerson #307 Jim Katcavage
1961F Clendon Thomas 1961F C.R. Roberts 1961F Bert Rechichar 1961F Charles Sumner 1961F Larry Wilson
#308 Clendon Thomas #309 C.R. Roberts #310 Bert Rechichar #311 Charles Sumner #312 Larry Wilson
1961F Andy Nelson 1961F Andy Stynchula 1961F John Whittenborn 1961F Jim Ray Smith
#313 Andy Nelson #314 Andy Stynchula #315 John #316 Jim Ray Smith

All RetroCard style sets feature new back designs unique to each set. The backs now mimic the classic design of the original set. This new feature takes RetroCards to a whole new level with our custom cards.


1961F Dick James (back)

1961F Clendon Thomas (back)
#297 Dick James (back) #308 Clendon Thomas (back)



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