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Dallas Cowboys Custom Vintage Cards


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1960T Dallas Cowboys
- Series One -

It seems there were plenty of photos available for that first set of football cards to feature Dallas Cowboys players in uniform, but none of them were used. Four of the players in the 1960 Topps set didn’t even end up making the team (Charlie Ane, Ray Krouse, Ed Modelewski, and Doyle Nix), and two other guys that did play that season for the Cowboys, had cards in the set for another team (Billy Howton -Browns & Woodley Lewis -Cardinals).  The Cowboys were also the only team in that set that did not have a Team Card.  RetroCards has rewritten history with this 18-card set.

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Complete 18-card Set
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1960T Dallas Cowboys Team Card -Tom Landry
#1 Dallas Cowboys Team Card -Landry on back
1960T Dick Bielski 1960T Eddie LeBaron 1960T Billy Howton 1960T Tom Braatz 1960T Gene Babb
#2 Dick Bielski #3 Eddie LeBaron #4 Billy Howton #5 Tom Braatz #6 Gene Babb
1960T Dave Sherer 1960T Don Heinrich 1960T Jerry Tubbs 1960T Duane Putnam 1960T Jim Doran
#7 Dave Sherer #8 Don Heinrich #9 Jerry Tubbs #10 Duane Putnam #11 Jim Doran
1960T Don Meredith 1960T Nate Borden 1960T Don Bishop 1960T Don McIlhenny 1960T Wahoo McDaniel
#12 Don Meredith #13 Nate Borden #14 Don Bishop #15 Don McIlhenny #16 Wahoo McDaniel
1960T Mike Connelly 1960T Tom Landry
#17 Mike Connelly #18 Tom Landry

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1960T Eddie LeBaron (back)

#3 Eddie LeBaron (back)



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