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1960T Green Bay Packers
- Series One -

The Green Bay Packers were on the verge of becoming the dominant team of the 60’s and RetroCards is commemorating that moment with a special two-series set of 1960 Green Bay Packers cards.  Many of these players were just starting to hit their stride and in coach Vince Lombardi's second season, they would make their first Championship appearance, losing to the Philadelphia Eagles (Lombardi's only playoff loss).

The two series combine for 36 total cards and feature all the stars; Hornung, Gregg, Starr, Taylor, Nitschke, etc...  But this set also has several role players that never had cards during their playing career.  Players such as Dan Currie, Bill Quinlan, Jim Temp, Dale Hackbart, and Hank Gremminger are among these players.  Order your set today!

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Complete 18-card Set
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1960T Packers TC
#1 Green Bay Packers Team Card
1960T Paul Hornung & Jim Taylor 1960T Assistant Coaches 1960T Bart Starr 1960T Dan Currie 1960T Jim Ringo
#2 Backfield #3 The Coaches #4 Bart Starr #5 Dan Currie #6 Jim Ringo
1960T Emlen Tunnell 1960T Max McGee 1960T Ron Kramer 1960T Jim Temp 1960T Joe Francis
#7 Emlen Tunnell #8 Max McGee #9 Ron Kramer #10 Jim Temp #11 Joe Francis
1960T Willie Wood 1960T Bob Skoronski 1960T Fred Thurston 1960T Henry Jordan 1960T Tom Moore
#12 Willie Wood #13 Bob Skoronski #14 Fred Thurston #15 Henry Jordan #16 Tom Moore
1960T Dave Hanner 1960T Lew Carpenter
#17 Dave Hanner #18 Lew Carpenter

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.

1960T Bart Starr (back) 1960T Willie Wood (back)
#4 Bart Starr (back) #12 Willie Wood (back)

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