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1960T New York Giants

Although a season of great success, 1959 resulted in great disappointment for the New York Giants.  For the second season in a row, the Giants finished first in the NFL Eastern Division, only to lose to the Baltimore Colts in the NFL Championship Game.  The 1958 Championship Game, known as one of the iconic games in pro football history, ended in a 23-17 overtime win for the Colts.  The following season the Giants finished with a solid 10-2 record, but lost 31-16 to the Colts in the NFL Championship…again.

To soothe the heartbreak, RetroCards continues to expand the Giants collection with a new set in the 1960 style, which gives retrospective to the 1959 NFL season.  Although the card style itself was plain, the photography was breathtaking, with its historical feel that really brought one back to the last century.  Highlighted in this set are these icons of Giants lore: Kyle Rote, Dick “Little Mo” Modzelewski, Jim Katcavage, Joe Morrison, Ray Wietecha and Roosevelt “Rosey” Grier.  All-Pros and solid starters in this set include Darrell Dess, Tom Scott, Dick Lynch, Cliff Livingston, Jack Stroud, Phil King, Lindon Crow and Don Chandler.  Future NFL head coaches Dick Nolan and Harland Svare also enlighten this set, while discriminating collectors will be pleased with would-be rookie cards of Lee Grosscup, Bob Simms and Lou Corileone, among others.   


Complete 20-card Set
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1960T Rosey Grier 1960T Kyle Rote 1960T Dick Nolan 1960T George Shaw 1960T Dick Lynch
#1 Rosey Grier #2 Kyle Rote

#3 Dick Nolan

#4 George Shaw #5 Dick Lynch
1960T Don Chandler 1960T Jim Katcavage 1960T Lindon Crow 1960T Joe Morrison 1960T Tom Scott
#6 Don Chandler #7 Jim Katcavage #8 Lindon Crow #9 Joe Morrison #10 Tom Scott
1960T Phil King 1960T Lee Grosscup 1960T Lou Cordileone 1960T Darrell Dess 1960T Jim Leo
#11 Phil King #12 Lee Grosscup #13 Lou Cordileone #14 Darrell Dess #15 Jim Leo
1960T Bob Simms 1960T Ray Wietecha 1960T Dick Modzelewski 1960T Harland Svare 1960T Jack Stroud
#16 Bob Simms #17 Ray Wietecha #18 Dick Modzelewski #19 Harland Svare #20 Jack Stroud

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1960T Kyle Rote (back)

1960T Lee Grosscup (back)
#2 Kyle Rote (back) #12 Lee Grosscup (back)



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