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Dallas Cowboys Custom Vintage Cards


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1960T Dallas Cowboys
- Series Two -

Building a team in 1960 was a daunting task. The Cowboys joined the NFL too late to participate in the NFL draft.  Most of the players on the Cowboys inaugural roster were castaways from other teams acquired in the expansion draft. The rest earned a spot on the roster during training camp where over 100 free agents came to work out.  Based on the lack of photos of Cowboys in uniform for the 1960 Topps set, I assumed like everyone else that they didn’t exist.  Until recently, when we had the unique opportunity to obtain full color images of many 1960 Cowboys players taken by Texas sports photographer Jim Laughead.

RetroCards is pleased to bring you our first Series II Cowboys set. This remarkable supplement to the original 1960T set features many new players that never had a card, and also includes first-time Cowboys cards for; Fred Cone, Ray Mathews, Fred Dugan, LG Dupre, and Gene Cronin.

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Complete 18-card Set
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1960T Frank Clarke 1960T Fred Cone 1960T John Gonzaga 1960T Ray Mathews 1960T Bobby Gordon
#19 Frank Clarke #20 Fred Cone #21 John Gonzaga #22 Ray Mathews #23 Bobby Gordon
1960T Gerry Delucca 1960T Fred Dugan 1960T Ed Husmann 1960T Buzz Guy 1960T Tom Franckhauser
#24 Gerry Delucca #25 Fred Dugan #26 Ed Husmann #27 Buzz Guy #28 Tom Franckhauser
1960T L.G. Dupre 1960T Ray Fisher 1960T Gene Cronin 1960T Bob Fry 1960T Bill Butler
#29 L.G. Dupre #30 Ray Fisher #31 Gene Cronin #32 Bob Fry #33 Bill Butler
1960T Don Healy 1960T Jack Patera 1960T Doyle Nix
#34 Don Healy #35 Jack Patera #36 Doyle Nix

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1960T Bobby Gordon (back)

1960T Ray Fisher (back)
#23 Bobby Gordon (back) #30 Ray Fisher (back)



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