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1958T Detroit Lions

Maybe you don’t remember the 1957 Championship Game that featured a quarterback with no facemask.   Maybe you don’t remember a mascot in a lion outfit doing cartwheels on the sidelines of an ice-frozen field.   Maybe you don’t remember the scoreboard that showed a final score of Detroit 59 Cleveland 14.  So, we here at RetroCards, more than a half-century later, are going to help you remember the last time the city of Detroit would hoist the NFL Championship banner.

The ever-popular and colorful 1958 football cards featured an oval design with varying colored borders.  The photos were definitely old-school, featuring those facemask-less helmets and plain, sweatshirt-like jerseys.  The set also highlighted the NFL Champion Detroit Lions, who, after an 8-4 season, won their two post-season games to capture the title.  Our new 20-card set features several stars and role-players from that championship team, such as Darris McCord, Jim Martin, John Gordy, Gil Mains, Harley Sewell, Gene Cronin and others.  In addition, several new faces for the Lions 1958 season include Jim Gibbons, Alex Karras, Earl Morrall, Bill Glass and Roger Zatkoff.

We hope you will savor reliving the glory days of the classic Detroit Lions of the 1950’s with this colorful, old-style set.  Whether you are a long-time fan of the silver-and-blue, or a recent fan taking the opportunity to learn the team’s history, this will be a set of great enjoyment.


Complete 20-card Set
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1958T Gene Cronin 1958T Alex Karras 1958T Charlie Ane 1958T Ray Krouse 1958T Jim Gibbons
#1 Gene Cronin #2 Alex Karras

#3 Charlie Ane

#4 Ray Krouse #5 Jim Gibbons
1958T Roger Zatkoff 1958T Jim Martin 1958T Jerry Reichow 1958T Bob Miller 1958T Bill Glass
#6 Roger Zatkoff #7 Jim Martin #8 Jerry Reichow #9 Bob Miller #10 Bill Glass
1958T Earl Morrall 1958T Ken Webb 1958T Harley Sewell 1958T John Gordy 1958T Steve Junker
#11 Earl Morrall #12 Ken Webb #13 Harley Sewell #14 John Gordy #15 Steve Junker
1958T Gene Gedman 1958T Gerry Perry 1958T Darris McCord 1958T Gil Mains 1958T Dave Whitsell
#16 Gene Gedman #17 Gerry Perry #18 Darris McCord #19 Gil Mains #20 Dave Whitsell

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1958T Charlie Ane (back)

1958T Steve Junker (back)
#3 Charlie Ane (back) #15 Steve Junker (back)



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