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The Dallas Cowboys Football Card Gallery
1978 Topps Wax Pack
1978 Topps

Topps had the full gamut of standard card styles in the set which included players, All-Pros, Leauge Leaders, and playoff cards. Another year of airbrushing helmet logos was evident with three cards in this set that required some work.

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1978 Topps Danny White 1978 Topps Randy White 1978 Topps Robert Newhouse

#24 Danny White

#60 Randy White

#86 Robert Newhouse

1978 Topps Harvey Martin 1978 Topps Cliff Harris 1978 Topps NFC Championship Game -Roger Staubach

#110 Harvey Martin

#160 Cliff Harris

#166 NFC Championship Game

1978 Topps Super Bowl XII -Tony Dorsett 1978 Topps John Fitzgerald 1978 Topps Thomas Henderson RC

#168 Super Bowl XII

#182 John Fitzgerald

#213 Thomas Henderson RC

1978 Topps Butch Johnson 1978 Topps Roger Staubach 1978 Topps Tony Dorsett RC

#252 Butch Johnson

#290 Roger Staubach

#315 Tony Dorsett RC

1978 Topps Passing Leaders -Roger Staubach
#331 Passing Leaders -R.Staubach
1978 Topps Drew Pearson 1978 Topps Charlie Waters 1978 Topps Efren Herrera

#350 Drew Pearson

#385 Charlie Waters

#410 Efren Herrera

1978 Topps Ed Jones 1978 Topps Preston Pearson 1978 Topps Billy Joe Dupree
#429 Ed "Too Tall" Jones #445 Preston Pearson #470 Billy Joe DuPree
1978 Topps Golden Richards 1978 Topps Dallas Cowboys Team Card
#494 Golden Richards #507 Team Card

#252 Butch Johnson
#168 Super Bowl XII #507 Team Card
The card backs for players in this set were horizontal and included a cartoon illustration and fun fact about the player featured. The team card included a checklist on the back in this set, which is a change from the way Topps had been making these cards. Once again, the playoff cards contained the box score and game summary.

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