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The Dallas Cowboys Football Card Gallery
1976 Topps Wax Pack
1976 Topps

After their first absence from the playoffs in eight years the previous season, the Cowboys returned to the playoffs and, in doing so, were featured on Topps playoff cards once again. The set is loaded with 18 players, five of which are RC's, and two are All-Pros. The team cards are numbered and part of the regular set for the first time and contain the checklist of player cards.

Complete roster & stats

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1976 Topps Robert Newhouse RC 1976 Topps Harvey Martin RC 1976 Topps Golden Richards

#14 Robert Newhouse RC

#44 Harvey Martin RC

#73 Golden Richards

1976 Topps John Fitzgerald 1976 Topps Toni Fritsch 1976 Topps Randy White RC

#102 John Fitzgerald

#132 Toni Fritsch

#158 Randy White RC

1976 Topps Rayfield Wright 1976 Topps Preston Pearson 1976 Topps Cliff Harris

#190 Rayfield Wright

#225 Preston Pearson

#260 Cliff Harris

1976 Topps Mitch Hoopes 1976 Topps Drew Pearson 1976 Topps NFC Championship Game

#283 Mitch Hoopes

#313 Drew Pearson

#331 NFC Championship Game

1976 Topps Super Bowl X 1976 Topps D.D. Lewis 1976 Topps Mel Renfro

#333 Super Bowl X

#342 D.D. Lewis

#368 Mel Renfro

1976 Topps Roger Staubach 1976 Topps Ed Jones 1976 Topps Jean Fugett
#395 Roger Stuabach #427 Ed "Too Tall" Jones RC #447 Jean Fugett
1976 Topps Dallas Cowboys Team Card 1976 Topps Lee Roy Jordan 1976 Topps Blaine Nye
#457 Team Card #490 Lee Roy Jordan #527 Blaine Nye

#333 Super Bowl X #457 Team Card
#225 Preston Pearson
There is a series of 12 clues on the backs of select player cards in this set called "Guess the Mystery Cowboy". Each clue helps to disclose the player in question, which is named on the back of the team card. The team card has team leaders for the previous season and information about how to mail-in for all 28 team cards. The backs of the playoff cards have the box score and game stats.

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