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The Dallas Cowboys Football Card Gallery
1973 Topps Wax Pack
1973 Topps

For the second straight year, Topps increased its set size considerably, bringing the total to 528 cards.  This would remain the set size for the next nine years. From 1970 - 1981, Topps didn't have permission from the NFL to use team logos.  That wasn't really a problem until the last two years when they starting using more game action photos on cards.  All blue stars on Cowboys helmets were airbrushed away.

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1973 Topps Calvin Hill 1973 Topps Lance Alworth 1973 Topps Rayfield Wright

#35 Calvin Hill

#61 Lance Alworth

#110 Rayfield Wright

1973 Topps Billy Parks RC 1973 Topps Lee Roy Jordan 1973 Topps Mel Renfro

#131 Billy Parks RC

#159 Lee Roy Jordan

#185 Mel Renfro

1973 Topps Jethro Pugh RC 1973 Topps Herb Adderley 1973 Topps Bob Hayes

#216 Jethro Pugh RC

#243 Herb Adderley

#274 Bob Hayes

1973 Topps John Niland 1973 Topps Bob Lilly
#10 John Niland #450 Bob Lilly
1973 Topps Blaine Nye 1973 Topps Ralph Neely 1973 Topps Cornell Green
#299 Blaine Nye

#321 Ralph Neely

#344 Cornell Green

1973 Topps Dave Edwards 1973 Topps Tody Smith 1973 Topps Walt Garrison

#369 Dave Edwards

#393 Tody Smith

#421 Walt Garrison

1973 Topps Roger Staubach 1973 Topps Craig Morton 1973 Topps Dave Manders

#475 Roger Staubach

#493 Craig Morton

#526 Dave Manders

1973 Topps NFC Semi-Final Game 1973 Topps NFC Championship Game

#133 NFC Semi-Final Game

  #137 NFC Championship Game

#137 NFC Championship Game (back) #475 Roger Staubach (back)
The backs of the player cards in this set have statistical information as well as a brief biography or career highlights.  The bottoms contain questions about the NFL with a cartoon illustration.  The answers are upside-down under the illustration.

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