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1971 Topps Wax Pack
1971 Topps

Topps introduced an All-Star card for players that made the Pro Bowl the previous season.  Billy Truax is the only player not pictured in a Cowboys uniform.

Complete roster & stats

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1971 Topps Walt Garrison RC 1971 Topps Lee Roy Jordan 1971 Topps Duane Thomas RC

#8 Walt Garrison RC

#31 Lee Roy Jordan

#65 Duane Thomas RC

1971 Topps Ralph Neely 1971 Topps Mel Renfro 1971 Topps Bob Lilly

#89 Ralph Neely

#118 Mel Renfro

#144 Bob Lilly

1971 Topps Billy Truax 1971 Topps Craig Morton 1971 Topps Bob Hayes

#152 Billy Truax

#171 Craig Morton

#190 Bob Hayes

1971 Topps Calvin Hill 1971 Topps Chuck Howley
#217 Calvin Hill #238 Chuck Howley

#8 Walt Garrison RC

Topps didn't waste much space on card backs with this set.  Along with the standard statistical info, they also incorporated a small cartoon illustration, per season stat lines, and filled the rest of the space with a biography.

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