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The Dallas Cowboys Football Card Gallery
1969 Glendale Stamps

Glendale produced this beautiful set of 312 stamps along with an album to place them in.

Complete roster & stats

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1969 Glendale Stamp George Andrie 1969 Glendale Stamp Mike Clark 1969 Glendale Stamp Cornell Green
George Andrie Mike Clark Cornell Green
1969 Glendale Stamp  Bob Hayes 1969 Glendale Stamp Chuck Howley 1969 Glendale Stamp Lee Roy Jordan
Bob Hayes Chuck Howley Lee Roy Jordan
Bob Lilly 1969 Glendale Stamp Craig Morton 1969 Glendale Stamp John Niland
Bob Lilly Craig Morton John Niland
1969 Glendale Stamp Dan Reeves 1969 Glendale Stamp Mel Renfro 1969 Glendale Stamp Lance Rentzel
Dan Reeves Mel Renfro Lance Rentzel
Unlike most stamp issues, Glendale had printing on the backs that included team and player names.
1969 Glendale Stamps Dallas Cowboys Team Sheet
The Falcons and Redskins did not have complete uncut stamp sheets, so players from those teams are spread out among the other team sheets. Bob Hayes is missing from this sheet, and in his place is Washington Redskin Tom Brown.
1969 Glendale Stamps All-Star Sheet -Bob Hayes
There were also two different 12-stamp All-Star sheets. This is the one with the Bob Hayes stamp that is missing from the Cowboys team sheet.
1969 Glendale Stamps Album
The photostamp album is loaded with information on each team, player biographies, and NFL statistics.

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