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The Dallas Cowboys Football Card Gallery
1966 Philadelphia Wax Pack
1966 Philadelphia

This year Philadelphia dropped one player card, reducing the team set to eleven.  They also made a change to the play card showing real game action instead of the play diagram used on the previous two years. A closer look at the Cowboys Play Card, and you'll see back-up QB Jerry Rhome as the holder. Jerry does not appear on another football card.

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1966 Philadelphia George Andrie RC 1966 Philadelphia Frank Clarke 1966 Philadelphia Mike Connelly

#54 George Andrie RC

#55 Frank Clarke

#56 Mike Connelly

1966 Philadelphia Cornell Green 1966 Philadelphia Bob Hayes RC 1966 Philadelphia Chuck Howley RC

#57 Cornell Green

#58 Bob Hayes RC

#59 Chuck Howley RC

1966 Philadelphia Bob Lilly 1966 Philadelphia Don Meredith 1966 Philadelphia Don Perkins

#60 Bob Lilly

#61 Don Meredith

#62 Don Perkins

1966 Philadelphia Mel Renfro 1966 Philadelphia Danny Villanueva
#63 Mel Renfro #64 Danny Villanueva
1966 Philadelphia Dallas Cowboys Team Card 1966 Philadelphia Cowboys Play Card
#53 Team Card #65 Play Card

#65 Play Card
1966 Philadelphia Jerry Rhome -Guess Who Quiz
#98 Marlin McKeever -Jerry Rhome pictured

The team cards from this set included NFL signal diagrams.  Following the theme from the previous year, Philadelphia included player photos on the backs of the rest in a series called "Guess Who Quiz".  This time they did not require a coin rubbing to reveal, and the photos used were not the same as the card fronts.  A total of 12 Cowboys can be found, three of which pre-date their RC's, and four players that never had football cards of their own as Dallas Cowboys.  Ralph Neely's photo pre-dates his RC by four years.

Below is the complete list of Cowboys players that appear on the backs of 1966 Philadelphia cards.

Card # Player Cowboys Player -card # with answer
21 Lenny Moore Ralph Neely -answer on card #96
22 Jimmy Orr Pettis Norman -answer on card #150
30 Ronnie Bull Jerry Tubbs -answer on card #3
42 Gary Collins Warren Livingston -answer on card #98
92 Rams Team Card Joe Bob Isbell -answer on card #161
95 Bruce Gossett Tom Landry -answer on card #114
98 Martin McKeever Jerry Rhome -answer on card #154
113 Gordon Smith Don Bishop -answer on card #141
118 Giants Team Card Obert Logan -answer on card #181
144 Steelers Team Card Lee Roy Jordan -answer on card #125
188 Vince Promuto Buddy Dial -answer on card #22
189 Pat Richter Craig Morton -answer on card #173

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