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The Dallas Cowboys Football Card Gallery
1965 Philadelphia Wax Pack
1965 Philadelphia

Philadelphia kept everything the same in year two of their football card production.  Twelve players, a team card and a play card.  This year, the NFL shield was added to the card front design.

Complete roster & stats

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1965 Philadelphia Frank Clarke 1965 Philadelphia Mike Connelly 1965 Philadelphia Buddy Dial

#44 Frank Clarke

#45 Mike Connelly

#46 Buddy Dial

1965 Philadelphia Bob Lilly 1965 Philadelphia Tony Liscio RC 1965 Philadelphia Tommy McDonald

#47 Bob Lilly

#48 Tony Liscio RC

#49 Tommy McDonald

1965 Philadelphia Don Meredith 1965 Philadelphia Pettis Norman 1965 Philadelphia Don Perkins

#50 Don Meredith

#51 Pettis Norman

#52 Don Perkins

1965 Philadelphia Mel Renfro RC 1965 Philadelphia Jim Ridlon 1965 Philadelphia Jerry Tubbs
#53 Mel Renfro RC #54 Jim Ridlon #55 Jerry Tubbs
1965 Philadelphia Dallas Cowboys Team Card 1965 Philadelphia Cowboys Play Card
#43 Team Card #56 Play Card

#53 Mel Renfro

#60 Gail Cogdill

At first glance, the card backs from this set appear fairly bland.  However, the large blank area below the stats  contains a hidden treasure.  When rubbed with a coin, a photo and player name is revealed.  Depending on the quality of card, these photos can be very difficult to see.  The card on the right, Gail Cogdill, has a photo of Frank Clarke.  The photos used are the same as the card fronts of that player.

Below is the list of Cowboys players that appear on the backs of 1965 Philadelphia cards.

Card # Player Cowboys Player
2 Raymond Berry Jim Ridlon
8 Lenny Moore Pettis Norman
15 Chicago Bears Team Tom Landry
30 Walter Beach Tommy McDonald
60 Gail Cogdill Frank Clarke
64 Dick LeBeau Don Perkins
87 Roman Gabriel Tony Liscio
94 Merlin Olsen Mike Connelly
106 Paul Flatley Don Meredith
119 Dick Lynch Bob Lilly
152 Myron Pottios Buddy Dial
157 Joe Childress Mel Renfro
172 Bernie Casey Jerry Tubbs

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