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1964 NFL Coke Caps Cowboys

This set of Coke caps may be the toughest issue of any kind to hunt down. They are so scarse that a complete checklist currently does not exist. Each cap displays the players jersey number, rather than the 'C1-C36' numbering of the 1965 & '66 team sets. So far, 22 caps have been identified.

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1964 Sonny Gibbs 1964 Don Meredith 1964 Billy Lothridge
#11 Sonny Gibbs #17 Don Meredith #18 Billy Lothridge
1964 Tommy McDonald 1964 Mike Gaechter 1964 Perry Lee Dunn
#25 Tommy McDonald #27 Mike Gaechter #37 Perry Lee Dunn
1964 Warren Livingston 1964 Don Bishop 1964 Dave Edwards
#41 Warren Livingston #44 Don Bishop #52 Dave Edwards
1964 Mike Connelly 1964 Lee Roy Jordan 1964 Harold Hays
#53 Mike Connelly #55 Lee Roy Jordan #56 Harold Hays
1964 Joe Bob Isbell 1964 Ray Schoenke 1964 George Andrie
#60 Joe Bob Isbell #65 Ray Schoenke #66 George Andrie
1964 Tony Liscio 1964 Whaley Hall 1964 Jim Colvin
#72 Tony Liscio #73 Whaley Hall #77 Jim Colvin
1964 Frank Clarke 1964 Lee Folkins
#82 Frank Clarke #83 Lee Folkins

* Additional confirmed 1964 Coke caps include; 20 Mel Renfro, 64 Jimmy Ray Smith.

Please contact me if you have any caps to sell or trade or add to the list.

One can only assume that there are 35 players and one team logo (Cowboy Joe) just like the other two team sets. By taking the 'star' players that appear in the 1965 & '66 Cowboys team sets into consideration, and the fact that 80% of those two sets include the same players, the checklist for the rest of this set can be projected;

Buddy Dial, Amos Marsh, Cornell Green, Don Perkins, Jerry Tubbs, Dave Manders, Chuck Howley, Jake Kupp, Jim Boeke, Bob Lilly, Larry Stephens, Pettis Norman, and Cowboy Joe (team logo).

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